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Kelly Ripa Says Mark Consuelos Is Her Kids’ Favorite Parent — & We Get It

As families continue to practice social distancing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that more and more relationship dynamics are coming to light. Take, for example, the idea of being the “favorite” parent amongst your kids. That might mean the children go to one parent or another when they think they can get the answer they want from each, or simply enjoying similar hobbies and interests. It’s OK for that to happen and doesn’t mean your kids love you any less than the other parent — and Kelly Ripa knows to take the idea of being the favorite in stride, and with a little humor along the way.

During a recent segment on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the mom of three was quick to admit that husband Mark Consuelos is the favorite with their three children, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. “Well, first of all, this is the first time the kids have lived with him for an extended period of time,” she said, alluding to both his busy schedule as an actor on Riverdale and other projects that shoot on location, as well as the coronavirus pandemic shutting down film and TV production around the world. The family had previously quarantined together in the Caribbean when shelter-in-place orders kept them away from home, but now they’re home together in New York City. “So maybe by the end of the lockdown we will be equal,” she mused.

Ripa’s reputation as the disciplinarian amongst their kids was well-earned, too. “For years I was the one who took them to be vaccinated, I was the one who made them do their homework,” she said, adding that she also made sure her kids ate healthfully. “I was the one who gave them cod liver oil before they made the delicious little supplements!” she joked. “So they associate me with pain and suffering, and they associate [Mark] with coming home at the weekends with airport gifts. Like, ‘Daddy’s home!'”

The talk show host seems to be more than OK with that leaning — and plenty of viewers at home agreed. In the comment section for the show’s Instagram page, moms from all over lamented that their partners are the “fun” parent. “This is so true about parenting,” one commented, while another offered this nuanced take: “In our house, it depends what they want or need. And which kid.”

No matter what the Consuelos kids’ final verdict on their favorite parent may be at the end of quarantine, there’s no love lost between Mom and Dad, who recently celebrated their 24th anniversary. In a sweet Instagram to mark the occasion, Consuelos said he’s been happy “making a life, sharing a history, holding you close for 24 years.” Just more proof that these two are #CoupleGoals, #ParentGoals, and everything in between.

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