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A Look Inside Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus’ Life with Their Adorable Daughter

When it comes to lists of the coolest celebrities in Hollywood, Diane Kruger should always be at the top. And since July 15th is her birthday, there’s no better time to celebrate the level of effortless cool she’s achieved in her 45 years. It goes without saying that includes her equally rad boyfriend Norman Reedus and their one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl, both of whom Kruger’s life seems to be centered around at the moment.

For the first 15 years of Kruger’s life, she lived in the tiny German village of Algermissen, where she dreamed of being a ballerina. When an injury sidelined that plan, she modeled before ultimately becoming an actress. Other fun facts about Kruger? She’s multi-lingual; she lived in a mental hospital for three months while shooting the low-budget film Frankie; and her favorite city is Paris. But of all the things Kruger has accomplished and loved in her life, we suspect it’s Reedus and their baby girl that bring her the most joy.

Although Kruger and Reedus tend to keep both their relationship and their daughter on the down-low, they have shared some super-heartwarming glimpses into their beautiful little world. So, in honor of Kruger making another circle around the sun, let’s take a look at this sweet family and some of their most adorable moments together. Who knows? Maybe some of Kruger’s coolness will rub off on the rest of us.

‘Teach them love’

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Girlfriend knows what’s up 😊 #teachthemlove

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Kruger and Reedus are clearly already teaching their daughter to be inclusive and, c’mon, you can’t get much cooler than that.

Arts and crafts

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On long car rides, Daddy Reedus makes a great canvas. Kruger definitely found a keeper!

Playing in the park

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Kruger captured this precious (albeit slightly upside-down) moment between Reedus and their little girl during a picnic in the park.

Cuteness overload

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I just can’t take the cuteness 😩

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This video clip of Kruger and Reedus’ daughter features a rare capture: her sweet voice. When Kruger asks what the kitty says, her little girl replies, “Meow.”

Bouncin’ queen

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Of course the kid of Kruger and Reeder would have a killer soundtrack for her playtime activities. Bouncing has never seemed more rock ‘n roll.

Future artist

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In May, proud papa Reedus showed off their daughter’s creative skills by sharing her latest artwork.

A splash of color

On Mother’s Day, Kruger gushed about her baby girl, “You literally turned my life into a rainbow. I’m so happy I’m your mom.” She also thanks Reedus for giving her their “little tornado.” Aww!

‘To all the beautiful mommas’

Reedus gave Kruger a shout-out on Mother’s Day, sharing several snapshots of her and their tiny sweetheart.

Love at first bite

These two can even make social distancing look fun (and, you know, slightly terrifying at the same time).

Quarantine dating

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Latex ice cream car day date 👍 #aslongasweretogether

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Hey, you can’t let a pandemic ruin your romance! Kruger and Reedus made the most of their love during lockdown with a little latex-laden ice cream car day.

Life lessons

“Even in times like this I must show her to stop and smell the roses (I mean obviously not a rose but whatever this is, ha),” Kruger joked of sharing a meaningful moment with her daughter amid a patch of purple flowers.

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to

No matter what you call them, we can probably all agree Reedus came back with too many of this tuber and not enough of anything else. Moral of the story? Don’t let this guy do the pandemic shopping.

Sidewalk chalk and smiles

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Living her best life ⭐️ #calibaby

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When you live in Southern California, it’s sunny in March. And when it’s sunny in March, you soak it up — Kruger and Reedus’ daughter has the right idea with her sidewalk chalk shenanigans.

All aboard the love boat

For Valentine’s Day, Kruger and Reedus had a little nautical-themed fun by rocking matching captain’s hats. “I love sailing through life with you,” she captioned the photo.

All bundled up

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My girls ❤️❤️

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In February, Reedus snuck a snapshot of Kruger and their daughter walking down the street in their coziest cold-weather gear.

On the move

Kruger is every mom unable to accept that her baby girl is growing up entirely too fast. She couldn’t get over the fact her daughter was already “pounding the pavement.”

Teenage dream

Don’t worry; Kruger and Reedus haven’t lost any heat between them over time. For his birthday in January, she captioned a shirtless snap of him, “My teenage dream of a man right here.”

Any given Sunday

Who knew Kruger and Reedus were such big football fans? Or, to be more specific, Giants fans?


As Thanksgiving rolled around, Kruger got sentimental about her daughter, writing, “I know you won’t remember these walks and you won’t remember these ‘talks,’ but I hope that you’ll always remember how much you’re loved and how thankful we are to have you in our lives little one and how grateful I’ll always be to @bigbaldhead to have given me such a wonderful gift and to walk with me hand in hand.”

Black-and-white beauties

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My everything

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“My everything,” Kruger succinctly captioned a dreamy black-and-white photo with her daughter.

Two times the love

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Everything I’ll ever need ♥️

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According to this sunny snapshot of Reedus and their daughter, Kruger has “everything [she’ll] ever need” thanks to those two.

Birthday girl

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Happy birthday angel

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When Reedus wished Kruger happy birthday last year, he also gave followers a rare look at the couple’s behind-the-scenes life.

Patience is a virtue

“They say good things come to those who wait,” Kruger captioned a Father’s day snapshot of Reedus with their daughter. “I’m so glad I did. We love you Papa.”

Bonding by the sea

The ocean serves as a stunning backdrop for Kruger and her daughter in this frame-worthy photo.

On the road again

It took them a year-and-a-half to get back on the motorcycle after the birth of their daughter, but they did find their way back.

New beginnings

In saying goodbye to 2018, Kruger said hello to several “new beginnings” — her relationship with Reedus, their life with their little girl and so much more.

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