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Naya Rivera’s Dad, Mother, & Brother Get Involved in Search

Naya Rivera, who is presumed dead, has yet to be found since her disappearance this past Wednesday. Amid the tragedy, her family still is unable to get some closure. On Saturday, the Glee star’s father George Rivera joined her mother Yolanda and younger brother Mychal at Lake Piru, where their loved one was last seen with her four-year-old son, Josey.

When her father arrived at the lake, according to TMZ, he was seen running straight towards the lake and submerging himself knee-deep in the water and went on to splash the lake water onto his face. The emotional moment can be felt through the photos from a distance.

Yolanda and Mychal also paid a visit together to the dock on Lake Piru, where Naya and Josey’s boat deported from earlier this week. The devastated mother was on her knees with her arms open and stretched out towards the water. Naya’s younger brother was standing by her side. The duo also joined the search for the star’s body on Saturday, putting on life vests and boarded a boat to try and get one step closer to finding out answers that likely confirm their worst fears.

Naya also leaves behind another younger sibling, her sister Nickayla Rivera, who was not present for this event. Our hearts go out to the family experiencing this tragedy.

This news comes following a press conference on Friday, where the Ventura Country Sheriff’s Office announced that they submerged a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) into the lake to find Rivera’s body. During the conversation, the office’s Captain Eric Buschow explained the uncertain timeline to provide more information: “we don’t know if she’s going to be found five minutes from now or five days from now.”

After Josey spoke with investigators, it became clear that this incident was almost certainly a ”tragic accident,” after the little boy found himself on the boat alone. As the authorities and media turn to the young child for answers, he is fortunately said to be in ‘good health’ as he hopefully gets his much-deserved space to grieve.


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