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Dear Internet Trolls, Stop Making Kate Beckinsale Defend Why She Loves Dating Younger Men

Kate Beckinsale is one hot mamma who doesn’t need to explain herself to anyone — especially when it comes to the age of the men she chooses to date. But of course, there are internet haters out there who have nothing better to do than to troll the 46-year-old’s Instagram account questioning her taste in men.

The film star took to Instagram sharing a video of herself modeling with her cat Clive while wearing googly eyes listening to what seems to be a remix of and Britney Spears’ “Scream & Shout” writing, “Nightclubs are closed but we have googly eyes and mostly it’s the same except less risk of illness and no one has wee’d all over the ladies loo seat.”

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The video is pretty funny and I’m impressed with the shot composition and dedication to the exact placement of those googly eyes! I also wonder, how long did it take to put those eyes on? Did Clive have a flip-out or was he pretty cool with it? Clive seems like he’d be okay with it. These are the questions I have.  But others were more curious about why she isn’t in a relationship, and why she chooses to date younger men. Ugh. 

“Why do you keep dating guys that could be your children?” a follower asked. “Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you,” Kate clapped back. “You need a man,” another internet hater commented. “Tell me why?” Kate replied. “To stop me sticking eyes on the cat? What if he liked eyes on the cat? What if I won’t stop? How will he help this situation’.”

Another commenter said she was bored and had too much time on her hands. Um, we’re in the middle of a pandemic! There is nothing but time. If I had a cat, I’d be doing the same thing.

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