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Christina Ricci Files for Divorce From Producer Husband After 7 Years

Actor Christina Ricci has filed for divorce from husband James Heerdegan, according to court documents released Thursday morning. The couple were married for seven years, and share a son Freddie, who was born in 2014.

According to TMZ, the Addams Family star cited irreconcilable differences when she filed her claims in Los Angeles. Reports say divorce comes a week after Ricci was granted an emergency protective order from Heerdegan, who works as a producer in Hollywood. The reports say Heerdegan was not arrested for the incident, which reportedly involved him spitting on Ricci, who also requested sole custody of Freddie in her divorce filing.

The couple got married in a New York City ceremony in 2013, after meeting on set of the television show Pan-Am in 2011. (Ricci starred in the program, which also starred Margot Robbie.)

The relatively private Ricci doesn’t share much publicly about her family. In 2017, she told The Edit, she believes that “marriage shows you your flaws in how you deal with things, and having a child forces you to grow up at the speed of light.” She added that she is a “completely different person than I was before I had my child.” She recently marked Father’s Day by posting a series of homemade cards with mustaches glued onto construction-paper hearts.

As for Freddie, Ricci is first and foremost looking out for his well-being. Though she starred in movies like Casper and Mermaids at a super young age, she’s putting her foot down on the potential to let him follow in her child-star footsteps. “I feel it’s child abuse to make your child famous,” she told the New York Post in 2019. “Once he’s an adult, and he studies, and he understands that it’s an art form, then he can pursue an acting career if he’d like.”

She added that she believes “Being famous is not good for children, it’s just not,” which likely contributes to her (entirely justified!) decision to keep Freddie off her social media. She added, “We have a million examples of why it’s not good for children. I’m just not going to risk it. Why would you put the most precious thing in your life up for that?”

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