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Hilaria Baldwin’s New Photo of Son Leonardo Ángel Proves He’s Alec Baldwin’s Lookalike

It’s always fun to see how genetics shake out when it comes to family resemblance, especially with celebrity kids. And as Hilaria Baldwin’s latest Instagram photo suggests, she’s just as fascinated as the rest of us over who her children with Alec Baldwin will grow up to look like — although it would seem she’s ready to concede that one of the couple’s kids is destined to look like his Daddy.

The 36-year-old fitness instructor posted a sweet photo to her Instagram feed on Monday in which her three-year-old son Leonardo Ángel looks over his mom’s shoulder. “Other than having the shape of my eyes he looks so Alec to me right now,” Hilaria wrote. She’s got a point, too. Sure, little Leo does share his mom’s almond eye-shape. But the color — that piercing blue — is all Alec. The toddler also seems to share his dad’s face shape. Of course, Leo has a head full of tousled blonde hair, which Alec does not. However, Alec’s brother Stephen Baldwin does. So, basically, the Baldwin genes still win.

Hilaria and Alec share three other children together: Carmen Gabriela, 6, Rafael Thomas, 5, and Romeo Alejandro David, 2. They are currently expecting their fifth child (plus, Alec is dad to daughter Ireland, 24).

As recent photos shared by Hilaria of the couple’s four kids go to show, they all kind of favor their famous father. They’re still young though, right? There’s plenty of time for a resemblance to Mom to surface.

For now, Hilaria is focusing on keeping her babies safe. During a Mom Brain podcast in June, she admitted she’s “super, super paranoid” about her family contracting COVID-19. “They always say over 60 you’ve got to be worried, and [Alec] just turned 62. And I’m pregnant, and your immune system is not great when you’re pregnant. I had to go see my doctor with a hazmat suit on — literally, my hair is covered, goggles; I am the oddball.”

In addition to keeping her kids safe, she’s also centered on raising them “right, without prejudice.” Earlier in June, she addressed the country’s state of social unrest by urging moms everywhere to teach their kids “compassion, respect and to cherish one another.”

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