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Oprah Shares the (Socially Distant) Moment She Reunited With Gayle King After 3 Months

Reunited and it feels so good! It seems like forever-and-a-day since the coronavirus quarantine began but, in real-time, that translates to three months. Still, three months was clearly three months too long for BFFs Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. Over the weekend, the powerhouse pals shared their first reunion since lockdown began. And while we’re sure they were dying to hug it out, Winfrey and King managed to maintain proper social distancing guidelines. Bonus? The video of their socially distant lunch offered fans a glimpse at Winfrey’s palatial estate.

Winfrey’s O! The Oprah Magazine uploaded the heartwarming footage of King arriving at Winfrey’s compound. In the video, King can be seen emerging from a black SUV wearing a multicolored medical mask. “After three months of being quarantined in NYC, @gayleking has made it safely to @oprah’s in California! (Lady O has also quarantined in her home since March),” the caption read. “But besties are still obeying social distancing rules with their masks, a distance of more than six feet apart, and testing. Happy to see these two reunited.”

A follow-up video reveals precisely how the besties obeyed social distancing rules. Winfrey’s family and King, along with the CBS This Morning team, enjoyed lunch while seated two table lengths apart beneath an impressive pergola breezeway.

It’s so nice to Winfrey and King together again ⁠— and to get a sneak peek into what a summer afternoon lunch date looks like at the Winfrey-Stedman home. Did you see the size of the outdoor fireplace in that breezeway? The next time Winfrey wants to host a socially distant get-together, we volunteer.

Although this is the first time Winfrey and King have visited each other face-to-masked-face since quarantine began, it isn’t the first time they’ve seen each other. They’ve continued their candid video chats, using the platform to discuss pressing social issues such as systemic racism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Earlier this month, during a frank Facebook Live conversation between the longtime best friends, Winfrey admitted that she and King have actually “seen” more of each other than ever before in quarantine. “We’ve been FaceTiming more than we ever had in our lives right now,” Winfrey revealed.

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