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Diane Kruger & ‘Handsome Papa’ Norman Reedus Are Stunning in These Rare Photos with Their Baby Girl

Every once in a blue moon, actress Diane Kruger gives us a rare peek inside her gorgeous home life, and to say it leaves us wanting more is a major understatement. This year, Father’s Day was one of those oh-so-special days, when Kruger just couldn’t help herself from celebrating longtime partner Norman Reedus and their adorable baby girl together (whose name we still don’t know, even as baby girl Kruger-Reedus takes her first steps!). Kruger and Reedus got together in 2016, and they’ve been one of Hollywood’s hottest (and most private) couples ever since. And in case you’ve been sleeping on this couple, Kruger’s new post will clue you in on what you’ve been missing.

“To the most handsome papa there is,” Kruger writes to Reedus, with whom she welcomed a baby girl in 2018. “♥️ Happy Father’s Day @bigbaldhead We ♥️ U.” The first pic is an unabashed shirtless thirst trap of Reedus, who’s looking up at the camera with a cigarette in his mouth (smoking is bad and will kill you! but we’re making an exception). The second pic is definitely our favorite though: Reedus, still shirtless and heavily tattooed, looks down at baby girl Reedus in his hands, who stretches her tiny fists back toward him. Happy Father’s day indeed.

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Image: @dianekruger/Instagram. @dianekruger/Instagram.

Kruger rounds out the post with a photo of their baby girl strapped to Reedus’ chest, and then a selfie of the couple in a car, looking blissed out and sunlit. Father’s Day is always a nice chance to get a peek at celebs’ favorite family memories, and the memories this family cherishes are truly stunning. Whether the next pic comes six months or six years from now, we’ll always be in love with their little family.

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