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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Teen Son Moses Steals His Mama’s Spotlight in Rare On-Camera Appearance

In case you need another reminder not to blink, Gwyneth Paltrow’s 14-year-old son Moses made a rare, caught-on-camera appearance Tuesday night — and he’s all grown up! Despite the fact that it seems as though he was just born, the teen crashed his famous mom’s interview with Jimmy Fallon and proved he is, in fact, a young man. And a charming one with enviable hair, at that.

Moses made his cameo in the midst of Paltrow’s video chat for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Just after Fallon asked about the GOOP maven’s kids and how they were all handling life in the time of the coronavirus lockdown, Moses popped into the frame. When asked how he’s doing, the teen showed off his manners, replying, “I’m good, thank you; how are you?” As for navigating the quarantine, he told Fallon, “I’m doing all that I can. Trying to, like, stay happy by finding whatever is entertaining and doing it.”

The conversation also revealed that Moses might have inherited his parents’ musical talent (dad is Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and Paltrow has belted it out in musical movies like Country Strong and Duets). “Yeah, I’m really into music,” Moses confirmed, adding, “Right now, I’d say I’m playing guitar the most. It used to be piano for a while, but then I started doing guitar lessons again… it’s really fun.”

Although Moses’ big sis Apple didn’t make an appearance during the interview, Paltrow also filled Fallon in on what her daughter has been up to lately. “She’s 16! She’s driving a car. She’s a good driver, too. She’s really good,” the proud mom gushed. “I feel really confident about her driving.”

Paltrow has obviously relished this unexpected stretch of time spent at home with both of her children — and she suspects it’s something kids today will cherish as well. Maybe not right now, in the thick of it, but one day. She told Fallon, “I think this will be a really indelible time in their lives that they’ll look back on.”

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