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Amy Schumer Just Shared a Family Photo That’ll Melt Your Heart Into a Puddle

Ever since Amy Schumer gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Gene David Fischer, she’s been as candid about falling in love with her son as she was about her difficult pregnancy. In these tough weeks of coronavirus, police brutality, and the continued fight for civil rights, Schumer’s feed is a godsend, a mix of curated resources on the Black Lives Matter movement and moments of light: her beautiful baby Gene. Schumer’s latest family photo with husband Chris Fischer is a sweet reminder to hold your family tight — especially when your family includes the most joyful little baby in the whole world.

In Schumer’s family photo, she Fischer, and baby Gene are doing what they seem to like best: rolling around in bed together. Dad Chris appears to be the one snapping the selfie, grinning in the corner as mom Schumer burrows her nose into Gene’s back, one arm protectively wrapped around him.

Gene, the real star, is smiling up at the camera, all giant baby eyes and rosy baby cheeks. “Trying time,” Schumer writes as a caption. “Appreciate every second.”

Every mom knows that these days go way too quickly — and with all the turmoil in the world around us, time feels even more urgently like it’s slipping away as we turn our attention outward. We all need a periodic reminder to breathe, and, if possible, smell a baby’s head. Please let Schumer’s latest family pic be your reminder to do both.

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Alex Morgan

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