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Here’s How to Watch the Game of Thrones Cast Reunion Dungeons & Dragons Game

Game of Thrones didn’t end on the best foot, to put it lightly. So whenever we have the chance to see the GoT cast members reunite and give us a different final memory of their time together, we leap at it — and their upcoming appearance is no different. A group of GoT stars including Daniel Portman and Kristian Nairn (AKA Podrick and Hodor) will be playing an epic televised Dungeons & Dragons game to raise money for Red Nose Day. D&D Live 2020 is a series of celeb-studded (and televised!) D&D games, and this is one match we definitely won’t miss.

So, who will be there and how do you tune in? The full game table includes Portman, Nairn, Gemma Whelan (AKA Yara Greyjoy), Iwan Rheon (AKA Ramsay Bolton), and Natalia Tena (AKA Osha). The Dungeon Master will be Kate Welch, a game designer for D&D who’s particularly excited to push these GoT actors to their limits.

“The games I run tend to be ridiculous and goofy, which are two words I wouldn’t apply to Game of Thrones, necessarily,” Welsh told Entertainment Weekly. “Super excited to see how these actors in particular let loose with the antics you typically find at a D&D table.”

If you’d like to tune in, the video airs on Saturday, June 20 at 3 p.m. ET., and you can tune in on YouTube or Twitch. And if the mere thought of seeing another iteration of Ramsay Bolton is turning you off, don’t worry — Rheon says he’ll be taking his GoT instincts in another direction.

“It’s not all about brawl, man,” he told EW. “You gotta think your way through problems. Not like Ramsay Bolton, probably. Not gonna be very useful.”

We wouldn’t want to play Ramsay Bolton in a game of checkers, let alone D&D. But thankfully, the rest of the cast is braver than us — and we’ll see who ends up taking the prize.

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