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This Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Relationship Update Is Giving Us the Warm & Fuzzies

We’re not sure which part of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s recent history sounds the most overwhelming: stepping down from royal duties, moving to Canada, moving again to Los Angeles, dealing with the press and peeping drones or, you know, the fact that they’ve done all of this with one-year-old baby Archie in tow. It would be understandable if the couple was going through some growing pains but, according to one source, the Sussexes’ relationship has fared pretty darn well through everything.

In fact, despite what they’ve endured in the last year, they couldn’t be better. “Their relationship is stronger than ever,” a source told Entertainment Tonight ⁠— although, admittedly, their most recent move has been a bittersweet one. “It’s a bit ironic because one of the things that was making Meghan unhappy about living in the U.K. was that she felt isolated and she missed her friends,” the source explained. “But now she’s back in the U.S., which is what she wanted, but is isolated and can’t see her friends.” Which, same. Although safety restrictions over the coronavirus pandemic have lightened, they haven’t yet fully lifted. We’re all feeling a little Meghan-y at the moment, right?

Still, the source insists that even the quarantine has been good for Meghan and Harry’s relationship as it’s allowed them to focus on their family without so many distractions.

Of course, life will change for the famous couple again once things do go back to quote-unquote normal in the U.S. Meghan and Harry won’t have as much control over the media’s access to them, but the source says they understand that and feel good about their ability to control their spotlight in the States.

One example? In May, news broke that Meghan and Harry have sanctioned a tell-all about their exit from the royal family penned by two journalists they trust: Omid Scobie, royal editor at Harper’s Bazaar, and Carolyn Durand, royal correspondent for Elle. The authors say the book, which hits shelves in August, will finally put to rest “the many rumors and misconceptions that plague the couple on both sides of the pond.”

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