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Kelly Ripa Gave Her Teen Son Joaquin a Home Haircut on Camera & His Reaction Is Adorable

In some states, lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, and many are gingerly venturing out to their hair stylists for the first time in months. But those whose states haven’t yet reopened, or who are unwilling to risk it either way, are stuck with whoever’s the best at wielding scissors in their lockdown pod. And in the Ripa-Consuelos household, that turns out to be Kelly Ripa. On Live with Kelly and RyanRipa showed off her recent haircut for teenage son Joaquin, who’s been staying in the Caribbean with Ripa, dad Mark Consuelos, and siblings Lola and Michael. And honestly, it looks like Ripa has her technique down pat after these weeks away — is she taking appointments?!

First, Ripa explained to co-host Ryan Seacrest why she’s become such a pro at cutting hair in lockdown: “I’ve cut every member of our family’s hair now during quarantine because I’m still not brave enough to head into a hair salon or have anybody come to the house,” she said. “I’m just too afraid. I feel like there are too many unknowns.”

So, why video this particular haircut? Ripa explains that, while Lola and Michael take after their dad Mark’s hair, Joaquin’s matches hers: “Joaquin and I have the same head of hair, which is to say it is wiry, it’s thick, it’s dense, it’s got lots of layers,” she said. “Last night, while he was arguing with me, I thought I would do a video…I think I have a future in $500 haircuts!”

Joaquin then came on the show to show off the haircut for himself, and while Ripa teased him about fighting her the whole way through, he’s admittedly happy with his new look. “She did a really good job,” he confirmed to Seacrest. “I’m really happy, I feel much more aerodynamic now.”

The only problem? “I turn on my phone and I have the face ID and it doesn’t recognize me,” Joaquin jokes. “I used to look like Judge Judy and now I look like Joaquin.”

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