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Here’s How Melissa Etheridge Is Doing One Month After Son Beckett’s Fatal Overdose

Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge suffered the heartbreaking loss of her 21-year-old son Beckett just this May, speaking out only once before going on an understandable social media hiatus. His death was the result of an opioid overdose, and Etheridge’s powerful statement about grappling with her son’s addiction and America’s opioid epidemic resonated with those who’d lost a loved one to addiction everywhere. Now, a month after Beckett’s death, Etheridge is reaching out to fans once again to update them on how she’s coping with her grief.

Etheridge kept her message short and simple, letting fans know how deeply she appreciated their support and well wishes as she took the time to heal. But of course, her journey with this grief is far from over.

“Hello my friends. I just wanted to update you all,” the singer wrote. “I have made myself busy by fixing up my studio here in the house. It has healed me, greatly. While nothing but time will heal the empty space in my heart, I have been hopeful watching the world rise up and ask for more love.”

While Etheridge’s fans would no doubt have been content with this update, she added one more note — when they can expect her to return to her music. “In a few days I will make an announcement about the new plans to return to my music. I miss you all and am so grateful for your thoughts and well wishes.”

Prior to Beckett’s passing, Etheridge had been hosting a daily virtual concert on Facebook Live. It remains to seen what kind of fan interaction she’ll find most comforting and manageable in months ahead, but it’s clear that her audience matters to her greatly. Nothing can take away from the tragedy she has experienced. But as Etheridge herself notes, time and love are the only antidotes to grief. Here’s hoping she gets as much of both as she needs.

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