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Victoria Beckham’s Unseen Baby Pic Is Not at All What We Expected

Victoria Beckham may be an internationally renowned superstar today, but once she was just like the rest of us, a young tot enjoying a carefree day on the beach. Following a series of posts in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Beckham switched it up by offering her fans a never-before-seen snap of little Posh Spice long before she became famous. And while you might be expecting Beckham to be serving up her pout and a sassy runway pose by the age of 2, this pic instead shows young Posh as an adorably normal youngster. One thing is unmistakably Posh though: even as a baby, Beckham was never big on smiling.

Beckham posted the unseen baby photo in celebration of World Oceans Day, a day founded to raise awareness and recruit volunteers for ocean conservation. “Happy World Oceans Day!” writes the star. “baby Victoria always loved being by the water ✨ x vb.”

Baby Victoria may have loved the water — but it’s certainly not visible from her face! The tot, adorably clad in swimming shorts and a bonnet, squints fiercely up at the sun, clutching a small shovel. Clearly, young Beckham is masterminding her next sandcastle creation, and this photo op is just a distraction. Even at two, young Beckham does not have time for your games.

We’re glad to see that Beckham has been using her page to promote important causes all week, at a time when every public platform needs to be blaring the message that Black lives matter. Beckham’s previous post acknowledged the fashion industry’s role in perpetuating racism, and vowed to address their shortcomings.

No one is exempt from interrogating themselves about how they can help in this historic fight for civil rights. Victoria Beckham, fiercely scowling at age 2, 20, and 46, is doing the work — will you join her?

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