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What You Should Know About Pink’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Willow

9-year-old Willow definitely has some of the coolest parents in Hollywood, Pink and Carey Hart — And so it seems inevitable their firstborn would grow to become an effortlessly rad little kid. Fast forward nine years and, yep, it’s true,  ⁠their daughter, Willow Sage Hart, honestly makes us all feel a little less cool in comparison. She looks like her Mama, she acts like her Daddy, she loves her little brother Jameson and she even makes time to help save sloths. Could this little “punk rock princess” be any more adorable? 

Willow is such a presence that it’s sort of hard to remember a time before she was born, right? If we think back to Pink and Carey pre-Willow, we vaguely recall the couple meeting at the Summer X Games in 2001. Or them getting married in a stunning ceremony in Costa Rica in 2006. We definitely recollect them taking two breaks ⁠— one before getting married and one three years after. But what truly stands out is that they’ve been going strong ever since Willow made her debut in 2011.

Since Pink and Carey welcomed Willow, they’ve brought fans along for the ride as they’ve navigated the whole parenthood thing. And it’s become abundantly clear that they lucked out in getting a kid who is smart and funny and thoughtful in equal measure. Plus, as her daddy says, a bit of a sass-mouth like her mom. 

So, without further ado, let’s get to know Pink and Carey’s daughter a little better with these interesting facts about the tween.

Her Name Has Special Significance

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What’s in a name? Well, kind of a lot. While Willow is a beautiful name in and of itself, it’s even more stunning when you consider why Pink and Carey chose it. As it turns out, Pink drew inspiration from a willow tree in her childhood. “I grew up near one,” she told Hello! magazine. “It is the most flexible tree and nothing can break it ⁠— no wind, no elements. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment and I want that for her.” As for Willow’s middle name, Pink added, “Sage is cleansing and sacred and it sounds great with Willow. It doesn’t hurt that her last name is Hart ⁠— flexible, cleansed heart.”

She Loves to Twin It With Pink

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It comes as no surprise to anyone that Willow is a carbon copy of her badass mom. The two seem to love to lean into that resemblance, too. They often dress alike, from award show ensembles to Halloween costumes. And Pink often refers to her daughter as her “twin.”

She’s Super-Independent

It’s not hard to imagine Willow being a self-sufficient kid, and a recent post from her dad seemed to confirm that his little girl is quite capable of taking care of herself. “You impress me every day you walk this planet. You are smart, thoughtful, compassionate, full of piss and vinegar, physical, and a lil shit!!!!” Carey wrote in an early birthday tribute to his daughter. “One of the biggest joys I have with you is watching you grow into your own independent person each day that passes. You are gonna change the world one day, munchkin.”

Her Culinary Skills Are Impressive

In March, Pink showed off one of the many skills Willow has acquired so far in nine years on this planet: baking! Already, the little girl shows confidence in the kitchen. “Willow baking Brazilian Cheese Bread. And wearing fake glasses. She’s basically me but cooler,” Pink captioned the cute snapshot. Don’t feel bad, Pink; we’re certain she’s cooler than us, too.

She’s Predicted Her Own Future

Sometimes kids say things that make you feel as though they’ve lived entire lives before making it to you. Willow is definitely one of those kids, and she apparently already knows how this life will play out for her, too. “Last week, Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman,” Pink told The Mirror in 2017. “I was like, ‘Great, can you teach me how to make African food?’ And she’s like, ‘Sure, Mama. And we are going to live with you while our house is getting ready.'”

Crying Isn’t Really Her Thing

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Willow may look just like her mom, but she’s decidedly different in at least one way. As Pink told Redbook in June 2018, “I am a total crier. I cry at commercials. Willow won’t cry ever, and it annoys me to no end. I knew she was upset and she wouldn’t talk to me. I sat down on the pavement and I was like, ‘I’m not moving until you tell me about your feelings, because this is going to be a lifelong conversation for you and me and you have to learn to let me in.'” Willow’s response? “I promise to tell you more about my feelings if you promise to tell me less about yours.” Ha!

She’s Following in Mama’s Musical Footsteps

With celebrity kids, it’s natural to wonder whether they’ll take after their famous parents. In the case of Pink and Willow, it certainly seems to be headed in that direction. In October 2018, the then-seven-year-old recorded a rendition of “A Million Dreams” with her mom for The Greatest Showman Reimagined album ⁠— and nailed it.

When asked later if Willow has musical prowess, Pink gushed, “Absolutely. She’s pitch-perfect. And loud.”

She has a giving heart

As if she wasn’t already precious enough, in 2019 Willow wrote a report on sloths and began raising money to help the endangered animal. “Willz has put together a fundraiser for sloths,” Carey revealed in an Instagram post. “Here she is selling copies of her report for 5 bucks to the band and crew at the show tonight! For an extra buck she will autograph it. Lil girl is way ahead of her time!!! Love that she chooses to do these types of things on her own.”

She’s a Budding Makeup Artist

Seriously, though, we’re starting to suspect Willow is good at absolutely everything she tries. Case in point? In 2018, Pink shared a video in which her daughter gives a wildly adorable makeup tutorial. In the clip, the then-six-year-old tried on a bold look including a red lip and blue eyeshadow (or, in her case, forehead shadow).

Her Celebrity Crush Is…

As far as celebrity crushes go, Willow has a pretty darn good one: Matt Damon, whom she became smitten with after watching 2015’s The Martian. “She asked me if I would ask him to come to her birthday party, and I said no. I’m thinking I’ll get her a Matt Damon poster,” Pink told ET, joking, “She made me Google ‘Matt Damon dolls.’ That was disturbing.”

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