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Alexis Ohanian Speaks Out About Resigning From Reddit Board

The Reddit co-founder and former executive chairman puts his daughter, Alexis Olympia, first – along with her entire generation.

Today, Ohanian sat down with his wife, Serena Williams, to speak further about his decision to leave the Reddit Board. He starts off the conversation, explaining how “this was not an easy decision at all.” While understanding, that to some, this decision may be “counterintuitive”, he continued: “I thought about what I could do beyond a social media post, beyond a donation.”

After Willams asked what prompted Ohanian to take this bold step, he first cleared the air and reiterated that his wife had no influence over his decision. The world tennis champion clarified: “He doesn’t listen to me, ever.” Ultimately, for Ohanian, his primary motivation for his activism is his 2-1/2-year-old daughter. “I thought about what those dollars could do for a community that has clearly suffered for far too long, and that I with my power and my influence and my privilege want to do something meaningful to start to show a change. To make a better world for Olympia.”

When looking at his daughter and thinking about her future, he is overcome by the painful and harsh reality that she will have to confront the countless struggles the Black community faces. Distraught at this truth, he said: “That’s the crushing thing. At some point, Olympia is going to have to have a talk with you, a talk with us, but especially a talk with you, about how she’s going to have to work that much harder, how she’s going to have to deal with this much more. That pisses me off. “

When looking towards his wife, he stressed the pain that this unjust bias caused him and said: “I’m sitting here like, if I’m this pissed off just now, how have you been able to endure your entire life? How have generations of Black Americans been able to endure your entire life? Because If I’m just getting this mad right now, I wouldn’t be able to function.”

While we may have not yet achieved racial equality. However, Ohanian showed that his actions matched his words in the pursuit of the cause when he made waves on Friday after resigning from this high-level position. Upon his resignation, the entrepreneur urged the company to hire a Black candidate as his replacement. He believes: “We need diversity at the highest levels of business now more than ever.” Additionally, he announced that all of the earnings from his share of Reddit stock will be donated to help fund the Black community. To start off this initiative, he made a $1 million pledge to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp organization.

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