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Jill Duggar’s Driving and Parenting Skills Put Under the Microscope on Social Media

Now that the weather has gotten warmer, Jill Duggar did what many moms would love to do for their kids – give them an outing to explore the outdoors. While everyone has their unique philosophy on the highly personal subject, it seems to be even more difficult to navigate this area when there are millions of people watching many aspects of your everyday life. With 1.6 million Instagram followers (and counting), this is the reality for Jill Duggar Dillard, who recently got some backlash for driving behavior while her kids were in the backseat.

Yesterday, the mother of two shared footage of her in the car with her sons, Israel and Samuel, heading to a local spot for a picnic and some time in the water. Later, she captured the moment with a slideshow of photos on Instagram. And, while many of the comments were positive, there was a significant number of followers who believed her actions needed to be called out.

One concerned follower said: “Please don’t film your boys in the backseat while you drive!!! God forbid your distracted driving causes something terrible to happen. Bless.” Another user chimed in with a possible rebuttal and said “it looked like she was at a red light or something, didn’t look like the car was moving. But I agree, you can never be too safe with kids in the car!”

While the full story is still up for debate, the lesson for all parents is clear: No social post is worth it when your foot is on the pedal.

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