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Kelly Clarkson Wants People Focused on Justice for George Floyd, Not Looters

As more and more celebrities get involved in the protests demanding justice for George Floyd’s death, they’re learning in real-time how to best word their messages. Among them is Kelly Clarkson, who clarified a series of tweets once she realized people might be taking them out of the context she meant.

Her first iteration of the tweets focused on the fact that stores were being depleted of their inventory during the uprisings, specifically in Los Angeles, where she lives.

“There is so much chaos and confusion happening right now so please don’t just pay attention to the selfish idiots that are looting and tearing us apart even more, and see the hope, and the empathy, and hear the conversation from true leadership like all the people in this video,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. (The Daily Mail captured screenshots before their erasure.) “I love & am currently in LA with sirens going off, police everywhere, living under constant curfews, places being looted & broken into & having 2 explain this to my children so I understand BUT those looters that r selfish & taking advantage don’t care about any lives but their own.”

After people on the app held Clarkson accountable, she deleted the tweets and tried again. “I am asking people to stay focused on the POINT of all of this,” she said. “Black lives matter, not the looters who are taking advantage of these protests.”

She added that her intentions “have always been & always will be 2 do the right thing. & the right thing is to listen, to educate myself, & 2 be a part of the change I wish to see.”

Fans thanked the singer and TV host for her attempt to get it right. “Most protests are peaceful and just want people to care,” one wrote. “Let’s focus on calling out how horrible these police act at these protests if we want to get upset at anything.”

“Respectfully have to tell you now that saying ‘black’ is SO important,” another added. “Implying things, assuming people will understand you, etc. It’s just not enough.”

Clarkson isn’t the only person to put the spotlight on peaceful protesters in recent days. Former President Barack Obama wrote a moving Medium essay this week in which he praised activists for being “peaceful, courageous, responsible, and inspiring. They deserve our respect and support, not condemnation.”

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