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Nick Cordero’s Wife Reflects On Her Faith After Being ‘Told to Say Goodbye’

Broadway star Nick Cordero has been battling COVID-19 for months and his wife, fitness trainer Amanda Kloots, has been keeping her Instagram updated with his progress and asking people to join her for daily dances on Instagram Live to keep everyone’s spirits up. Now, she’s opening up about how she keeps her own spirits up in the face of so much uncertainty.

On Wednesday, she posted a photo of Nick with their baby son, Elvis. “I’ve been told a couple times that he won’t make it,” Kloots wrote in the caption. “I’ve been told to say goodbye. I’ve been told it would take a miracle. Well, I have faith.”

Kloots admitted her hope can ebb and flow with time, calling “small as a mustard seed sometimes, but that is all you need sometimes. He’s still here and despite his odds gets slightly, slightly better every day. Where there is faith, there is hope. Where there is hope, there can be a miracle! Like my dad has said since day one, every day he’s still with us is a miracle. I believe God is with us, with the doctors and with Nick.”

Friends and followers immediately flooded her comments with well wishes. “Praying hard for you and your family, Amanda! Nick CAN DO IT,” influencer Morgan Willett wrote. “Miracles exist. I believe. Thinking of you daily,”  influencer Sophie Elkus added.

Cordero has been battling an extreme number of COVID-19 symptoms since March and underwent a leg amputation due to complications. He first gained consciousness a few weeks ago, and Kloots is now hoping that he’ll gain enough strength to be taken off the ventilator. “Our new goal for Nick is for his lung infection to clear up so that we can start breathing trials,” she explained on May 17. “These are big goals, but I BELIEVE! We have an army behind him that cheered, sang and prayed for him to wake up so now we need to believe that this too can happen!”

Three days ago, Kloots posted a picturesque portrait of the couple walking off into the sunset. “It’s day 60 and I miss him more than ever,” she admitted. It’s bittersweet, but her Instagram community is making sure she’s not alone through this difficult time.

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