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If You Love Outlander, These are the Fan Accounts to Follow

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin and all of the Outlander cast have always said that they have the best fans, and they weren’t lying. Today is World Outlander Day, which marks the anniversary of when Diana Gabaldon published the first book in the series. So we decided to round up the best Outlander fans that you need to follow. If it’s a Fraser fix you’re looking for, these fans will keep your Outlander hearts filled and entertained even during a Droughtlander.

Unlike the show, the Outlander fans never take a break. There is no Droughtlander — the content just keeps on coming. There are artists, video creators, make-up artists, TikTok-ers, Twitter comedians and more in this talented fan base. So here goes.

Jamie Fraser Make-Up Tutorial

Twitter fan @Leticiafgomess transformed herself into Jamie Freaking Fraser with make-up. You have to see it to believe it. Balfe saw it, believed it and tweeted it to Heughan and said, “For when you want a day off!” And Heughan quickly responded, “You’ve got the job!” Hmmm… cloning people so they don’t have to go to work, this is an appealing idea. Call me. Twitter fan @vahnloves added that her Jamie wig was better than Jamie’s season 4 wig, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to throw shade at that wig — which had bangs. Bangs. Why Outlander, we still don’t get it.

“Tik Tok, Don’t Stop, Jamie’s Got a Big… Scottish Accent”

TikTok user @Brettian made this amazing video to show how his accent changed after watching Outlander. He and fellow TikTok user Samiamwatkins recreated Jamie and Brianna’s first meeting as well. So Skelton might have a back-up for a day off, too.


Outlander gets to you. #leftonread #notapro #FrostedFeelings #outlander #foryou #foryoupage #jamiefraser #fyp #voicechange #transformation #scotland

♬ Outlander – The Skye Boat Song (Castle Leoch Version) [feat. Raya Yarbrough] – Bear McCreary

If funny video compilations are your thing, then Twitter fan Yakeen @Clairress creates videos faster than CNN to react to pretty much any situation. She also might be the funniest person in the Outlander fandom. She recently posted a video interview of Tobias Menzies, who played Blackjack Randall and Frank for three years, and now stars on The Crown, where he was talking about the corgis on his show. @Clairress edited it and said it was Menzies talking about Balfe and Heughan and it’s actually genius. Balfe and Heughan, by their own admission laugh a lot on set together, that may occasionally interrupt filming. See Twitter fan @queenandadream’s blooper compilation video for proof.


Yakeen also made a compilation of Balfe and Heughan being Tobias Menzies’s biggest fans over the years set to the Titanic theme. Feel like hearing Balfe laugh for one and half minutes straight? Watch it and try not to laugh. And anytime something’s amiss on the internet, you might see her classic reaction video featuring Heughan, Balfe, Skelton and others looking very perplexed. So, Starz, if you need a quick social Outlander video created in under 18 seconds, give @Clairress a call.

Twitter fan @frasersansa created this epic montage of Heughan’s Jamie Fraser saying, “Sassenach” 455 times. (I made that number up, but it’s a lot of times).

Outlander fans also notice the tiniest facts about the show. Like when Twitter fan @Sabaxoxoxo pointed out the wallpaper in Claire’s Season 5 finale was the same wallpaper at Lallybroch from Season 1. Hi, detective. Twitter fan @BossBalfe noticed the size of Claire’s fan changing sizes in Season 2, making her a fan fan. And she also makes short videos on the boss she calls Balfe.

Twitter fan @IAmNotTrisha is quite possibly the most amusing person to watch for her live reactions to the show. Her Snapchat videos are the purest things you will ever watch. Spoiler alert: she loves Jamie and Claire. And only them. Bye, Frank. Bye, Roger. Sorry. She’s not here for either of you. Brianna’s welcome, but only because she’s the product of Jamie and Claire. @IamNotTrisha also drew these two iconic Jamie and Claire moments from season 5, “Monsters & Heroes,” and the season 5 finale. Hello, Picasso.

Twitter fan Serena, @charmingdearie illustrates key moments from the show and the actors. In fact, Balfe loved one image of her, her cat Eddie, and some books so much that she made it the profile picture of her book club. Serena also made this iconic album cover from the Season 5 finale, “Never My Love.”

The finale inspired another notable artist from Twitter @yaeltsairi who drew this illustration of Claire.

Twitter fan @TinyTunney gives fellow fans an immediate, humorous, recap of each episode mere minutes after it airs. She calls these “Shouty Caps.” And she does it in ALL CAPS. Because she’s actually my mom texting. No she’s not my mom, but she tweets like her. For emphasis. And she’s also a bada** mothergiffer. Her Outlander gifs are exactly what you’ll need to make your point.

Lazy loaded image
Twitter: @TinyTunney

Twitter fan @RobynTko’s husband’s episode commentary is award-winning. You won’t regret reading this thread. Here’s a sample from Season 3, “A. Malcolm.” “Claire is fighting back against the brute who broke into their room. He smacks his head and passes out. My husband (whispering): That’s called the Sassenach attack.”

The best part of this fandom is that they’re supportive of the actors’ projects and charities. They’re like a big virtual bra for the cast. (Which would make the cast, the breast cast ever). Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are both activists who are very vocal about their support for charities, women’s rights, basic human rights, and not being racist.

Balfe supports World Child Cancer, in which fans helped her raise 36,000 pounds. They got her to draw Outlander characters, run 2.6 miles, and do lots of exercises in reps of 26.

Twitter fan @Marinakhalili delivers all sorts of goods. Funny commentary about the show, feminist and political tweets, and she even challenges the cast to cook offs, and maybe margaritas. (She might also do some quality drunk tweets). She supported Lauren Lyle’s new podcast, She’s a Rec, by telling the entire internet not to bother her while she listens.

Yesterday, Heughan held his first virtual gala for his charity, My Peak Challenge, and fans popped on to his Instagram Live to support. The fan reactions to the pineapple that he said was a cake was priceless. @Bossbalfe posted a photo of Heughan and the pineapple. @Vahnloves quickly responded, “If he says it’s a cake, it’s a cake.” And @frasersansa swooped in with, “Sam having absolutely zero kitchen skills to the point where he used a pineapple as a cake is me.”

Twitter fan Marie, @uselesstat had a stream of tweets about Heughan’s gala that might win the internet. She’s the kind of fan who can roast you and toast you in a single tweet. She affectionately called Heughan “a legitimate ridiculous person,” when he performed the dance he did this season. Sam Heughan dancing in 2020 might be the joy we need. Sophie Skelton wished for it and now it is here.

Earlier this month, Heughan helped raise Covid-19 relief funds virtually where he made a cocktail that included a raw egg. He made another egg drink during his gala. Marie dropped this on Twitter, “Sam stop making cocktails with egg in them challenge 2020.” Have to agree with Marie. Eggs belong on bagels, Sam Heughan, not in your OJ. Thank you for coming to my Egg Talk.

When Sophie Skelton challenged Richard Rankin and Sam Heughan to a do sit-ups in a corset, fans reminded Heughan he’d promised to wear a corset a few years ago. Outlander fans never forget, Sam. They’re elephants. Heughan responded to Skelton, it “wouldn’t be the first time.” Which could mean #MyPeakCorsetChallenge is around the corner.

And don’t try and come for the cast with bullying or telling them to not express their opinions about world events, because their passionate fans will defend them faster than you can say, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. (Try it, it’s weirdly satisfying to say). @TinyTunney supported and admired how Balfe was handling social media harassment. And @uselesstat applauded Balfe’s thoughtful responses and admonished the haters with one witty tweet.

The Fraser fam and Fraser fans are essentially one and the same. Diana Gabaldon, Ron Moore, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, and the Outlander cast and fan base have created a world filled with very long books, excellent television, creativity, and a wig with bangs floating around somewhere.

So if you’re looking for joy, in a time that we need some joy, then look no further than these accounts. Your little Outlander Droughtlander heart will thank you. And if any of you try and fail at a Jamie Fraser make up transformation, please post it. So we can enjoy your Fraser failure. Now go follow them on social. You won’t regret it. Happy World Outlander Day to the fans, you crazy, talented, Sassenach, whackanachs.

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