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‘Bachelor’ Alum Ben Higgins & Fiancée Jessica Clarke Are Already Going to Couple’s Counseling — Why That’s a Good Thing

If anyone moves faster than typically expected when it comes to relationships, it’s the stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — after all, the entire premise of the long-running franchise is for the Bachelor or Bachelorette du jour to propose to one lucky hopeful at the end of each season. But this was one move we weren’t expecting, and are downright applauding: former Bachelor Ben Higgins and his fiancée of eight weeks, Jessica Clarke, are already planning on going to couples’ therapy.

“I just think it’s helpful, it’s healthy,” he said in an interview with Life & Style. “It’s going to be good practice for us.”

The couple met in 2018 when Higgins “slid” into Clarke’s DMs on Instagram — they went public with their relationship in February 2019. He first hinted about Clarke on his podcast in January of that year, while in conversation with fellow former Bachelor Colton Underwood.

Now, Higgins and Clarke bond over their shared faith, which he said is rooted in “my world view, it’s Jessica’s world view.”

“A lot of our conversations on our walks, our ways of prayers, our ways of worship, our ways of having a day off of work, now more than ever, but being able to rest is all a part of our faith,” he told Life & Style. “And our view of God and who God is, and that’s been really great to be able to dive into that more and have our daily walk and our daily breath be more intertwined with each other in addition to our faith.”

Therapy can be a powerful tool for couples and families at any stage of their relationships — and working on creating a stronger foundation together doesn’t mean things are necessarily broken or need fixing. Just this week, Total Bellas star Brie Bella opened up about she and husband Daniel Bryan worked on their marriage after feeling like they were “kinda growing apart.”

“Marriage takes work but it is amazing when you take the time to put in the effort what comes from it,” she wrote on Twitter about her experience at a couple’s retreat in Sedona, Arizona. “I had to learn a lot this season [on Total Bellas] but I’m so happy I did.”

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