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Brie Bella Reveals She & Daniel Bryan Could ‘Have A Better Marriage’ — & We Totally Applaud Their Next Steps

Marriage is great, but it also is a lot of work… and everything from having a baby to working from home together can put a major strain on even the happiest of couples. Thankfully, finding the right kind of therapy for your family, and making time to put in the work, can result in stronger unions — and better relationships for everyone involved.

Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan know this firsthand, and now they’re sharing their story with the world. In a new episode of Total Bellasthe parents of 3-year-old Birdie prepare for a trip to Sedona, Arizona, where they’re going to work with a marriage counselor to get to the root of their feelings.

“He and I both, obviously… we don’t have a lot of time together as a couple,” she told her sister Nikki and mom Kathy Colace in a new clip that premiered on E!. “At times we feel like single parents. When he comes back in town, I leave. We’re kinda growing apart. Like, we’re not growing, together.”

Through the conversation, Nikki holds back on providing her sister with directives about what she “should” do and instead offers up questions so Brie can figure out what she knows to be true. “Do you think you and Bryan are meant to be?” she asks. “Do you think you’re it for the long run?”

“I just think the one thing we’ve really lost is when you just spend that time together, the quiet time,” Brie responds. She also voices discomfort at the “little comments” Danielson makes, and that he might be uncomfortable with how she has grown as a person over the course of their eight years together.

In an additional sneak preview on Brie’s Instagram story, she and Danielson got real with a marriage counselor who asked them to share what they “absolutely adore” about each other. “One of the things that really drew me into Brie was her energy,” the pro wrestler said. “I had never felt that love before.”

Working on any relationship isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary, and so is being honest with yourself and your loved ones that you need to put in the time or that you’re unhappy. The more you let things fester, the worse your feelings can become. That the couple took the time to work out their emotions in a safe space with a professional is a great step — and the more honest they can be about their own struggles, the more we fight the stigma that relationships are happy and perfect all the time.

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