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Alicia Silverstone Came Up with The Kind Diet by Helping Her Girlfriends Poop

Everybody poops. It’s a message we all teach our kids — but what happens when you’re not pooping quite as much or as regularly as you’d like to? If you’re a girlfriend of beloved Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, you get her on the phone ASAP. At SHE Media’s #BlogHer20 Health event, we learned that Silverstone is something of a poop guru in her friend group. In fact, it was her pals’ excitement about Silverstone’s bowel-moving magic that gave her the idea for her first book: The Kind DietSince then, Silverstone has published two books and launched The Kind Life, a wellness community that offers tips on how to eat a vegan diet, shop sustainably, and more. But the actress herself readily admits it: it all started with the poop.

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As mom to 9-year-old son Bear Blue Jarecki, Silverstone is no stranger to poop, and she was happy to help her friends when they called. “The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama, the books that I wrote, that came from people asking me all the time — some friends would be like ‘I don’t poop for 10 days. How do I poop?'” Silverstone told Variety reporter Audrey Cleo Yap.

“And I would help them, I’d be like, ‘this is what you eat, and this is what you stop eating, and you’ll poop every single day, and sometimes twice a day, which is fantastic. You should be pooping that much!” the actress continued. “Writing little prescriptions at home turned into a book — or suggestions, I should say.”

I won’t lie — I’m intrigued. And of course, Silverstone says her switch to a vegan diet has impacted so much more than just her digestion. “If I don’t eat well, I don’t sleep well,” she explains. “And if I don’t sleep well, I’m a grumpy mama.”

When Silverstone found her way to plant-based living, she found both a calm and an energy she’d never expected. Those oh-so-regular trips to the bathroom? Just the icing on top.

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