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Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Down Describing the Terrifying Accident That Almost Killed Her 8-Year-Old Daughter

Jamie Lynn Spears’ latest confession is every mom’s worst nightmare — and we’re so relieved we can tell you now that everything turned out okay. While catching up with Maria Menounos this week, Spears finally detailed a part of her personal life she’s never mentioned much: her young daughter Maddie’s terrifying near-death ATV accident. Then 8 years old, Maddie was left unconscious for days, and Spears is understandably emotional recounting how she felt at the time. Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, but Spears can still vividly remember what it felt like not knowing if her daughter would wake up.

Spears opened up about Maddie’s accident on Better Together With Maria Menounos, starting from the moment her daughter’s ATV veered off course. “We were sitting right there watching her, with every safety measure that could be taken. She just somehow or another drove into the water, and we dove in and we were unable to rescue her,” she recounted. “When we were finally able to get her out of the water…and the first responders took her from me, we thought she was gone. We thought we’d lost our daughter.”

Everything changed for Spears in that moment, who says the worst part was feeling like she’d failed her daughter.  “That moment, I felt everything that you can feel,” she says. “There’s nothing worse than looking at your child and just feeling like you’ve failed her. And I didn’t want her to think that I couldn’t save her, that I didn’t try to save her. That was my biggest worry.”

In the end, Spears turned to her faith, and asked that a priest come to the hospital to pray over her unresponsive daughter. “It wasn’t looking good. She wasn’t responding to anything, so it was not looking good for us. So then, I just said, ‘Please, please, I just really want a priest to come in here and I just really want her to be prayed over.'”

Miraculously, while the priest war reading her the rites, Maddie began to show signs of activity. Shortly thereafter, she regained consciousness, and has suffered no known lasting damage from the accident. “She sat up and started kicking and her hands started grabbing at all the things,” she recalls. “They came and they tied her down. But that was our first sign that she was there.”

While Spears has never talked about the incident publicly, she says she thinks of it every day, and that her world view has changed because of it. “God gave me the blessing of giving me my daughter back. I lost her, and I got her back,” she explains. “For so many that’s not the case, so I’m not allowed to waste a day on this earth complaining or being ungrateful.”

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