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Goldie Hawn Jumping up and Down Dancing In This Video Is a Forever Mood

Once again, Goldie Hawn is our spirit animal. At 74-years-old, the mom of three and grandmother of six is living her best life. On Wednesday, we thankfully bore witness to the energetic actor in action when she shared a video of herself jumping up and down on a trampoline to the beat of Dua Lipa’s hit song, “Physical.” 

But Hawn isn’t looking to draw more attention to herself, she’s looking for people to take part in her foundation, Mind Up, which empowers children through mindful practices. Fawn’s “crazy @mindup mindful movement” (as she called it) video is meant to show children and anyone watching what movement can do for your body and mind.

“Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching,” she wrote in her caption. Well, that’s exactly what the professional dancer did — with a million and counting people watching. 

According to Hawn, these Mind Up breaks can lower stress and anxiety, especially for kids before schoolwork. “A great thing to do yourself or with your children at home before they start their day of distance learning,” she captioned a photo of her grandaughter meditating. As Hawn stresses, parents aren’t the only ones that need mental breaks — kids can benefit from dancing, meditating, drawing, and more.

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