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Jennifer Lopez’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Emme Muñiz Wrote a Children’s Book — & You Can Pre-Order Right Now

Is there anything that J.Lo’s offspring can’t do? Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s 12-year-old daughter Emme Muñiz (yes, the same one who performed at the Super Bowl just a few months ago) has now written a children’s book, due for release on September 29, 2020. Called Lord Help Me, the book catalogues Emme’s daily prayers and how her passion for helping protect endangered species inspired her daily ritual. Of course, Lopez couldn’t be prouder of her talented young daughter, and we’re seriously impressed with how this book has turned out.

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Publisher Random House Children’s books says the project was “inspired by Muñiz’s own daily prayers,” and offers a roadmap to other children who want to explore their own spiritual practices or see how they can incorporate faith into the everyday.

“This sweet and reassuring picture book walks readers through ordinary moments when Emme asks God for help — some small like waking up for school or getting along with a sibling and others big, like helping to save the planet and all its creatures,” the publisher notes. “With illustrations from Brenda Figureroa, Lord Help Me is an inspirational story that shares the everyday power of mindfulness through prayer.”

Apparently, there’s one creature in particular that inspired Emme to turn to divine help: the endangered sloth population.

“In school I learned about sloths and how they’re facing extinction so I began to pray for them in my nightly prayers,” Emme shared. “I wrote this book to help raise money to save sloths while also teaching other children how we can pray and ask for help, two things that bring me a lot of comfort.”

Emme is clearly a thoughtful, passionate, and hard-working young lady in the making, and we’re so impressed at her compassion and self-determination at such a young age. At 12, I know I wasn’t ideating children’s books or scheming on how to best conserve the environment — but hey, all evidence points to Gen Z breaking the mold.

Like her mom, the singer-dancer-writer Emme is a multi-talented star in the making. Soon, we suspect she’ll be able to add “bestselling author” to that list.

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