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Matt Damon Reveals His Oldest Daughter Alexia Battled Coronavirus but Has Since Recovered

Currently quarantined in the small town of Dalkey, Ireland, Matt Damon has thus far avoided the novel coronavirus — but his family won’t emerge from the pandemic entirely unscathed. In a surprising revelation, Damon shared that his oldest daughter contracted the illness “early on.” Alexia, his 21-year-old stepdaughter with wife Luciana Barroso, has since fully recovered.

Damon shared the way the coronavirus has impacted his family during a virtual appearance on Ireland’s Fully Charged with Graham & Nathan on Wednesday. The actor was in the middle of filming a movie that shot the first half in France before moving to Ireland when the pandemic hit, so he and Barroso have been on lockdown there with their children… with the exception of Alexia. “Our oldest daughter is in college; obviously that’s been shut down, but she’s in New York City,” Damon explained, adding, “She had COVID really early on with her roommates and got through it fine.”

He continued, “So, I shouldn’t say our whole family is together. Of our four kids, we’ve got the three younger ones and our oldest one, we’ll reunite with her at the end of the month.” Despite the circumstances, Damon says he has enjoyed being on lockdown in Ireland with Barroso and their three younger daughters Isabella, 13, Gia (Zavala), 11, and Stella (Zavala), 9.

Still, he readily admits that the threat of the novel coronavirus isn’t over, especially for certain members of their family and the general public. “Everybody’s okay, but obviously for Luci’s mom and my mom, you know, it’s scary for that generation, so everyone’s kind of — I think we’ve all got the message now. Everybody’s doing the isolation and social distancing and handwashing and kind of everything we can to mitigate this. But it’s frightening, certainly for our parents.”

As the show hosts pointed out, Damon had a unique perspective on the pandemic in that he’d already sort of seen it play out once before. “Anybody who says you can’t predict this, just look at Contagion,” Damon said of his 2011 film that is remarkably close to the novel coronavirus outbreak. “Ten years ago, we made a movie just by talking to experts and asking them, well, how would this look and how would it go down.”

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