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Hikers, Beware — Your Next LA Hike Could Lead You to Meghan Markle’s Swimming Pool

As royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s not inconsiderable security costs were publicly funded, with well-established protocols in place for their protection both at home and abroad. Now, however, Harry and Meghan have struck out on their own — so while public interest in the couple has only grown, they’re left to work out their own arrangements when it comes to privacy and safety from the outside world. And it seems the couple’s latest security challenge is a big one. Currently staying in Tyler Perry’s $18 million mansion, the Sussex duo have now realized that nearby hiking trails provide a near-perfect view into their otherwise secluded home. As those trails reopen, Meghan and Harry appear to be hastily installing privacy screens around the property — but will it be enough?

According to The Daily Mailworkmen were spotted putting up screens around Meghan and Harry’s residence on the very first day that trails began to reopen in their area. While the home is well-secluded from its immediate surroundings, since its celebrity owner prefers privacy as well, the steep hills surrounding it provide an all-too-clear vantage point of where the Duke and Duchess — and baby Archie — are spending their days.

Indeed, the Daily Mail photos show the Sussexes’ backyard area with perfect clarity, including a detailed view of the worker currently adding screens to the surrounding chain-link fence. Unfortunately, that fence only goes up so high, and the Sussexes will need a more advanced screening system if they want to protect themselves from paparazzi shots of Meghan, Harry, and Archie using the pool.

In the end, who knows how long Meghan and Harry will even stay at this location. But we’ve seen the lengths paparazzi will go to to get “compromising” shots of royals before — ahem, those invasive photos of Kate Middleton on vacation in France. So if they’re staying for the long haul, they may have to think bigger than these screens.

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