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Giada De Laurentiis Shared the Sweetest Throwback Pics of Daughter Jade for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has a way of turning moms into a puddle of emotion, and Giada De Laurentiis is just as susceptible as the rest of us — we have the throwback pictures to prove it. The chef and author couldn’t help indulging in a bit of nostalgia on the mom-centric holiday by revisiting the early years of motherhood with her now-tween daughter Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson. Spoiler alert? This mother-daughter duo has always been adorable together.

De Laurentiis took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to share a sweet tribute to her favorite girl. “Jadey I love you so much,” De Laurentiis wrote, adding, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas!” Accompanying the short-but-sweet message were several snapshots of baby Jade, some with De Laurentiis. In one, baby Jade sits on the lap of her mom while she gets ready with rollers in her hair. In another, Jade appears to clap as De Laurentiis prepares a piece of waffle for her daughter.

It’s hard to believe that the precocious baby in those photos is now on the precipice of her teen years! Happily, her bond with her mom only seems to strengthen with time. Jade, who turned 12 on March 29, makes frequent cameos on De Laurentiis’ social media feeds and Giadzy blog.

While the two — not surprisingly — often cook together, De Laurentiis recently shared a sneak peek into what a normal hang-out with her daughter looks like. “No place I’d rather be. Movie night with Jade,” the Food Network star captioned a photo of the pair snuggled on the couch, watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Okay, so food was admittedly still part of the equation (we’re dying to know what they topped their popcorn with). So, something tells us De Laurentiis and Jade’s weekend bonding involved cooking, eating or a robust combination of the two. Hm, wonder which Mother’s Day menu from Giadzy they chose?

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