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Watch Katy Perry’s Baby Girl Give Her the Middle Finger From the Womb

When you’re an expectant parent, it’s always fun to see what your unborn child will do during an ultrasound. Will they wave? Smile? Suck their thumb? Or will they show off their budding personality in a hilariously inappropriate way? The latter proved to be the case in soon-to-be-mama Katy Perry’s latest sonogram, which shows the hilariously sassy skillset her baby girl has already mastered.

Perry took to Instagram on Monday morning to share the glimpse into her little girl’s buddy personality. In the sonogram video, the sonographer can be heard pointing out when one of Perry’s unborn daughter’s hands appears on the monitor. A moment later, though, the focus shifts from the whole hand to one particular digit. “Oh, little middle finger, right up at you,” the sonographer says, laughing. Perry, sounding both incredulous and not surprised at the same time, responds, “Oh my God, that’s so funny. She literally is giving me a middle finger.”

Making the moment even more comical and, TBH, oh-so-apropos is that she got to share it for a special holiday. “When your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb, you know you’re in for it,” she captioned the sonogram, adding the hashtag, “#happymothersdaytome.”

This may not be the only time Perry’s unborn child has flipped her the proverbial bird, either. During a virtual appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in late April, she alluded to a similar ultrasound appointment and the fact that her unborn daughter appears to have inherited her mom’s feisty personality.

“I had an ultrasound and she was moving around and I actually have a video of her giving me the middle finger,” Perry told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. “I was like, ‘This is my child.’” It’s unclear if the video Perry shared for Mother’s Day was the same ultrasound she’s referring to, but we wouldn’t be surprised if her baby girl pulled a repeat performance.

Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom announced they’re expecting their first child together on March 5 with the release of the telling music video for her song “Never Worn White.” Shortly after, they revealed that they’ll be welcoming a daughter into the family, which already includes Bloom’s 9-year-old son Flynn from his previous marriage to model Miranda Kerr.

Although Perry’s funny sonogram is the most personal look fans have gotten of her unborn child, the singer has been opening up more about her pregnancy in recent weeks. “I even have a bump. She’s kicking too. She kicks when the performances are good,” she shared on Sunday’s American Idol, playfully telling contestants, “So just let them be good but not too good because it’s painful!”

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