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Jennifer Aniston’s Pissed-Off Middle Finger Throwback Pic Is Everything

Jennifer Aniston, of Friends and Smartwater fame, is a pillar of stability and calm in the world of beloved lady celebs. Aniston, whose youthful glow can be credited to meditation, yoga, infrared saunas, and other such calming rituals, is usually someone we look at and go, “How do we achieve that kind of calm?” But Aniston is calm no longer. The star’s #TBT harkens back to an earlier Jen, one who is (or appears to be) hounded by paparazzi, sleep-deprived, and just about fed up. Between her death stare and her middle finger, this Aniston is not messing around. So, when the actress posted this pic to represent her current mood — let’s just say it resonated.

Like so many of us, Aniston is worn down by the endless barrage of terrible news. Around the world, people are getting sick, dying, losing their jobs, discovering murder hornets, and preparing for a polar vortex. “Dear Covid…⁣,” Aniston writes. “You can kindly F@!k off now thank you BYE 👋🏼🖕🏼☹️ TBT.” Hard agree.

Aniston has been sharing scenes from her lockdown on her Instagram story over the past day, and it looks pretty similar to what we’re up to. One caption read “bored in the house” (same, girl), followed by a three-part video of her dog sniffing around some grass. Yes, dog walks are one of the few bits of normalcy we have left now! We’re glad Aniston is getting in some quality time with her pooch.

If even the coolest of cool girls like Jennifer Aniston are starting to get really mad, it feels like that rage is coming for us all. Let’s take that anger and fight to make sure our weakest members are protected — and hopefully, fight to make sure we’re better prepared for a crisis like this in the future.

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