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Reese Witherspoon’s Throwback Photo Is Forcing Us to Remember Our ’90s Style & We’re Smiling

Being stuck at home during quarantine has a way of making you feel nostalgic for past times, doesn’t it? Reese Witherspoon is leaning into those feelings with a new throwback photo during the most missed of decades: the ‘90s. And in addition to proving that the Little Fires Everywhere star basically never ages, it also goes to show that she’s always been an overachiever — including the way she embraced the trends of the time.

Taking to Instagram on for a little #ThrowbackThursday action, Witherspoon posted a picture of herself that will surely feel like a familiar scene to anyone who grew up in the ‘90s. As she tells it, though, she was barely responsible for the distinctive looks she sported back then. Rather, she knew exactly who to blame. “Ahhh… 90’s style. Going through some old photos and pretty sure @gwenstefani is responsible for this hair trend, @drewbarrymore inspired these eyebrows and @jaredleto is responsible for my leather choker. 🤪 😛🤣 Thanks guys! #tbt,” Witherspoon playfully captioned the photo.

And, let’s be real, she’s not wrong. In the ‘90s, those three were the trifecta of fashion inspo. Although we have to say, Witherspoon may be selling herself a little short — she definitely contributed to the popularity of ‘90s trends like spaghetti-strap camisoles, mock turtlenecks and cropped cardigans. Who didn’t want to be exactly like her character in the 1996 cult classic Fear? (Right down to making out with Mark Wahlberg!)

Witherspoon may be gravitating toward all things ‘90s right now thanks to Little Fires Everywhere. The first season of the series recently debuted on Hulu and, to fans’ delight, it was chock full of ‘90s Easter eggs. Songs like Annie Lennox’s “Little Bird” and Counting Crows’ “Rain King,” both from 1993, make the soundtrack. Witherspoon chats on a gargantuan ‘90s car phone. And her character’s style is 100 percent circa-’90s mom.

Whatever the reason is for Witherspoon’s stroll down memory lane, we hope it’s a trip she’ll take us on more often.

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