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Mindy Kaling’s Casual Tweet Landed Her a Free Set of Le Creuset Kitchenware — Now Fans Are Trying to Get Their Own

I have a boring but important question. During a global crisis like COVID-19, what obligation do big brands have to help out those in need? If, for example, part of their business model includes sending free products to celebrities, is it a bad idea to (very publicly) continue the practice right now? For many of Mindy Kaling’s Twitter followers, the answer was a resounding yes, as the star learned all too well after an innocent tweet asking for kitchenware advice went awry. Within minutes, top-shelf kitchenware brands like Le Creuset had offered Kaling a free set, and fans weren’t happy. They were, however, eager to copy her “trick” for free goods.

Kaling’s original tweet said this: “I have a boring but important question. I need a new whole collection of pots and pans (like everything; a wok, griddle etc). Is there a brand that sells them all in a pack or box? I want this to be super easy! Thank you!”

Ten minutes later, Le Creuset was at her service: “Hi Mindy! We would love to send you a full set of our colorful, versatile, long-lasting cookware. We’ve got you covered with the wok, griddle, etc. as well. Now the real question is: Which color(s) would you like?”

This comment quickly became the focus of Kaling’s thread, as fans weighed in about the company’s decision to do this so publicly. “In the middle of a pandemic that is leaving 30 million of us desperate and unemployed, you should have maybe thought about contacting Mindy via direct message,” one commenter suggested. “Posting this on Twitter is tacky and quite tone deaf.”

Others chimed in agreeing with the sentiment, while many more tried to use Kaling’s “trick” to get a set of their own. This one really broke our hearts: “Hi @lecreuset I’m a working mom of 3 boys w/ a husband [whose] been unemployed since March (bartender). The last set of new pots & pans we got was on our wedding day, 15 yrs ago. Can we get a free set of cookware too?”

Other fans took things further, seeing if they could get their own “boring but important” questions equally rewarded. “I have a boring but important question,” one commenter wrote. “I need a new whole wardrobe of high fashion clothing and accessories…Is there a brand that sells them all in a pack or box? I want this to be super easy!”

Kaling has already responded to the controversy by announcing that she’s donated £1000 to Harmony House, a charity organization for street children in India. “Great point, fellow Mindy,” she wrote to a fan who pointed out that the Office star could easily afford them. “So in honor of @lecreuset’s generosity to me, I just donated £1000 to Harmony House…we all win.”

We think Kaling handled it beautifully, and we love that she’s listening to her fanbase and being thoughtful about her privilege in this moment. While no one likes Twitter backlash, at least this one has sparked a trend of copycats we’ll be laughing over the next few weeks…heck, why not even try your own “boring but important” question? What do you have to lose?

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