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Adele Looks Exactly Like This Hollywood Star After Her Instagram Transformation

Celebrities we haven’t heard from in years are finally coming out of the woodwork — no doubt bored in lockdown like the rest of us. Adele, who has been taunting us for years with the promise of new music, took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday with a photo that showcased a dramatic weight loss since she’d last been in the public eye. While the photo itself has sparked heated debate between those who think weight loss is an objective good and those who don’t, we’ve been distracted by one key reveal pointed out by a keen Twitter commenter. Post-transformation Adele has a bonafide celebrity doppelgänger: Sarah Paulson.

In the Instagram posted by Adele, she’s rocking a short black dress and heels, her blonde hair long and straight past her shoulders. The singer looks a lot less like the woman on the cover of her last few (remarkable, breath-taking) albums. She does, however, look a lot more like American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson.

Isn’t that eerie?! Paulson herself has yet to weigh in, but we kind of think both these celebs would be thrilled by the comparison. It’s not the first time these two lovely ladies have been compared, but Adele’s latest photo really showcases what a change she’s made to her appearance — one that brings her ever-closer to that Paulson aesthetic.

In addition to blowing our minds with her new look, the singer did take care to thank the front-line workers who don’t have the luxury of being bored at home and searching for celebrity doppelgängers all day: “I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives!” she wrote. “You are truly our angels.”

You know how you could really thank them, Adele? That new album for which we’ve all been waiting so patiently.

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