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Vanessa Bryant Chose to Cherish Kobe’s Last Unopened Gift on Her Birthday

Before Tuesday, Vanessa Bryant knew she’d be celebrating her 38th birthday without husband Kobe or daughter Gigi. But, as fate would have it, she discovered an unopened gift from Kobe yesterday — and in an effort to preserve the last present her husband ever gave to her, Bryant held off on opening it until today, her birthday. The gift: a letter written by the basketball legend, which he addressed to “The Love of My Life.”  Bryant shared details of the envelope and contents inside from “Tu Papi” and explained why she chose to keep it sealed until today.

“I waited to open one more letter on my birthday. It gave me something to look forward to today,” she wrote alongside a photo of her hand clutching a yellow envelope. “The irony is that Kobe had a photo of me drawn with an Angel holding me up by an artist on the cover.” It’s almost as if Kobe knew that the mother of his four kids would need strength as she continues to grieve the loss of two of her loved ones, nearly four months after their untimely deaths.

Yet even though Bryant of course wishes her whole family were together today, she expressed her gratitude for what she still has. “Missing the Love of my Life and my sweet little Mamacita- my fellow Taurus. Grateful to wake up to my 3 sweet girls today. Wish we were all together #MyBirthdayWish,” she concluded.

This letter was obviously written months ago, which makes us wonder if maybe Kobe has another one in store for Mother’s Day. And if he doesn’t, we hope it gives her comfort to think that he’s that angel holding her up.

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