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Amy Schumer & Her Baby Son Look Impossibly Snuggly in This Naptime Pic for Gene’s First Birthday

Happy birthday, Gene David Fischer! Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer’s son Gene turned one today, marking one full year since Schumer’s life has changed forever. The comedian, who’s been refreshingly open about her experiences with hyperemesis gravidarum, IVF, and breastfeeding, has been no less vocal about the overwhelming love she feels for her baby boy. She chose to mark Gene’s birthday with a special naptime picture of mom and baby snuggled up and sleeping, and it captures the love between them so, so well. We’re getting emotional just looking at it.

While Schumer’s Instagram captions are often a work of art (not to mention laugh-out-loud funny), she chose to keep things short and sweet when crafting a birthday message for Gene. “I’m really glad it was you,” she wrote. “Hbd.”

The pic shows baby Gene rocking a sage green t-shirt patterned with teddy bears and laying on his back, hand adorably propped on his little baby belly. Mom Schumer is laying beside him, and both appear to be totally conked out.

For all of Schumer’s honesty about the very real and painful side effects of pregnancy, conceiving, and more, she’s always shown the upside with equal ferocity. With her birthday message, she’s saying that yes, her pregnancy may have sucked, and yes, being a parent is crazy — but when she’s cuddled up with Gene, that’s the only thing that matters.

We’re so happy for this adorable family. Let’s keep the baby pics coming!

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