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Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Secret Habit for Staying Positive, & It’s Something We Can All Do

There’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez is a person who radiates positivity. It seems genuine too, right? It makes the rest of us wonder how the Hustlers star manages to stay so upbeat all the time. Well, she’s now sharing the daily habit that helps her stay in that grateful mindset — and it’s something everyone can easily practice in their own homes.

Lopez took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to share a joy-filled series of photos showing her seemingly jumping on a trampoline. Makeup-free with natural hair, she smiles and laughs as she leaps in the air. She wrote, “In this time, when it’s so easy to get down and think of all the things going wrong and what we don’t have and don’t know the answers to… I make it a habit to say three things I’m grateful for as soon as I open my eyes and then at night when I’m lying in bed I list three good things out loud that happened that day.”

Lopez went on to elaborate that nothing is too big or too small to be included. “Could be anything,” she said, adding, “and I try to change them so they are not the same every day. Stay positive and stay safe.”

Although Lopez is just as known for staying busy as she is for being positive, the quarantine has obviously slowed her schedule dramatically. But, in signature J.Lo fashion, she’s choosing to look on the bright side. “‘I’ve been so on the run for the last few years that it’s nice to be home,” Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres last month during a virtual taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I planned to take a little bit of time off after the whole Super Bowl thing and World of Dance that I just finished filming a few weeks ago,” she shared. “So, it’s been nice so far.” And while she acknowledges this is also a “weird, scary time” in world history,” Lopez is “making the best of it” by focusing on the quality time she’s squeezing in with fiance Alex Rodriguez and the couple’s kids — all of whom we feel certain routinely make Lopez’s daily positivity mantra lists.

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