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Princess Charlotte Celebrates Her 5th Birthday Helping Others & These Photos are Too Cute!

Princess Charlotte is celebrating her fifth birthday on May 2. To celebrate the fun day, Kensington Royal shared new photos of the sassy royal on their Instagram account.

What’s wonderful about these photos is they show the young royal giving back to the community during such a difficult time. The series of photographs illustrate how sensitive Prince William and Kate Middleton are to the citizens of the U.K. and what they are experiencing during the pandemic.

The first picture is a great snapshot of Princess Charlotte, full of life and personality. There is mischief behind those eyes and smile. The final three photos show her at work delivering food to elder folks and she looks like she’s having a blast helping out, too. From knocking on doors to carrying multiple bags, Princess Charlotte is ready to serve!

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share four new photographs of Princess Charlotte ahead of her fifth birthday tomorrow,” said the caption. “The images were taken by The Duchess as the family helped to pack up and deliver food packages for isolated pensioners in the local area.”

The Duchess is an avid photographer, who has shared many intimate moments of her family with the world. It’s been a great way for the Royal Family to get the message out that their philanthropic service still matters in the modern world.

The photos show that Princess Charlotte is up for anything as a member of the Royal Family. Even at the age of five, she’s taken to the role with aplomb. Happy Birthday, Princess Charlotte!

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