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You’re Welcome! Dwayne Johnson Singing To His 2-Year-Old Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

Dwayne Johnson is like every dad right now doing his best to entertain the kids during the stay-at-home orders. Compared to other dads, he does have a leg up because he was cool enough to voice Maui in Moana.

On Friday, Johnson shared a cute video of him singing “You’re Welcome” with his two-year-old daughter, Tiana. He is casually dressed in a tank top showing off his fit physique and tattoos while his adorable daughter sits in his lap. She is fashionably dressed in a T-shirt with a golden unicorn.

He jumps right into the song and even gets her involved. You can tell it’s a fun family ritual. According to the caption, they sang it for the “3,978th time.” Ah, life with a toddler! Johnson sings, “And the tapestry here on my…”

“Skin,” Tia says when her dad points at her. The song is on frequent rotation for Johnson because he not only shares it with his kids, but he also sang it for a young boy fighting cancer late last year.

“I heard you love a movie called Moana, which is crazy, because I love that movie too! I also heard you watch Moana about 10 times a day because the character you love, Maui, gives you strength,” Johnson said in the November Instagram post. “People tell me I kind of sound like him. I just wanted to send you a video to tell you how much I love Maui too. I know a little of his song.”

It demonstrates what a big heart Johnson has, but his family doesn’t let his ego get too big. Tia makes sure of that. “Tia, is daddy Maui?” Johnson asks in today’s Instagram post.

“No,” she states. “No… OK, want to hear the song again?” he patiently smiles. We all know Tia’s response, dad is going to have to sing it again.

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