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Outlander Episode 11 Recap: In ‘Journeycake’ Heartbreak for Jamie, Claire, Brianna & Roger

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 5, Episode 11, “Journeycake.”

The Season 5 penultimate episode of Outlander will fill you with joy, make you cry, break your heart and then scare the sh*t out of you. Yes, this is just that type of episode. Remember the episode in season 4, where Claire was gutting a fish? Yeah, that’s you. You’re the fish. And this episode is Claire. It will gut you. Diana Gabaldon wrote this one and it does not disappoint.

Last episode, Bonnet made like an NSYNC song and went, “Bye, bye, bye,” thanks to Brianna. For this one, get some tissues. Here we go.

Autumn 1772

It opens on Claire, Jamie, Roger and Brianna on a nice family horse ride. Claire’s talking about needing peanuts. And Jamie’s all, “Ahhh, you need it to make more medicine?” She says, “Nope, I want to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Jemmy.” Doctor, Witch, Wife, Peanut Butter and Jelly making Grandma. You have nothing on Claire. Don’t even try. But she admits she can’t make ice cream. Finally, Claire has one flaw.

As they’re riding, they see a house smoking, that has been burned to the ground. As the Frasers do, they jump off their horses to inspect. There are dead bodies inside and the crime fighting fam goes to see if there are any survivors. Jamie’s all true detective and determines they died before the fire. Roger finds a burned young child, barely breathing. Jamie comes over and Roger mercifully kills the child by suffocating her.

Wow. From peanut butter and jelly to pure sadness in the first 3 minutes. I see how it’s gonna be, Outlander.

The opening credit sequence is Claire eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Season 3’s episode “A. Malcolm,” when she returned back in time to Jamie after 20 years.

Jemmy is just like his grandma

Claire and Bree are shelling peanuts, and Claire remembers how Bree had made her PB&J sandwiches to travel through the stones. Young Ian is playing with the cutest human ever, Jemmy. Jamie is watching and Roger is wood working. And this scene is way too happy and perfect and they’re going to take it all away. (Is Sophie Skelton actually laughing at Caitriona Balfe in this scene?)

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Twitter: @vahnloves

The #OutlanderAtMidnight Twitter fan crew knew this episode was going to be tough. @cstorck05 made a strong drink from the looks of the gif. @IAmNotTrisha’s video reaction to the beginning of the episode says it all. And @RaeLovesOL came in with the funniest question, “What’s the hashtag for this funeral?”

Young Ian playfully dangles a stone in front of Jemmy, and Jemmy suddenly cries when he touches it and says, “It’s hot.” Bree runs over and says it’s warm. Ian is like no it’s not. Uh oh, Jemmy has that stone power too just like his mom, G-ma and dad!

Jemmy takes the stone back and says ow hot and then Bree’s like give it back if it’s hot, and it breaks in his hand! Claire runs over and asks can anyone else hear that? It’s the sound she hears when she travels through the stones. Jemmy says, “I can!” Jamie says I can’t hear anything. But Bree, Claire and Roger all do.

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Claire holds the stone, it’s hot to her too. Jamie says it’s cold to him and Roger says, “He can travel,” and Claire looks devastated.

Young Ian looks confused and is like this hot rock party is weird. (This is like the blue gold dress debate of 2015). Claire, Bree and Roger and Jemmy are like this rock is gold! And Jamie and Ian are like blue! Jamie asks them, “Will you travel?” He looks at Brianna then Claire and they all look devastated.

Claire and Lionel Brown, not BFFs

All of a sudden, the problematic Browns roll up with about 50 men on horses. Hate them. Not the horse, the Browns. They are here to ask Jamie to join their militia. For f*ck’s sake, Jamie just got out of one stupid war, he’s not joining your stupid war.

Jamie’s expression says, “Oh crap, this again.” White dudes on horses really love to start wars.

Claire notices that the jerk brother, Lionel has an injury. You know the one who disrespected Claire and broke her penicillin syringe and was the reason Jamie almost died! Yeah that jerk. She sees his leg is bleeding and offers to attend to it. And jerko is like nope it’s fine, but his brother says get it attended to. Claire, it’s okay to not fix one person. As she’s wrapping his leg, she asks about the baby they left, and then tells him he has a nasty infection. CLAIRE! Do not waste a drop of Clairicillin on this wank.

He says, “I know what you think of me.” And then Claire just gives him a raised-eyebrow mom-look and says nothing. And the Emmy goes to Caitriona Balfe’s left eyebrow. Is there any part of her face that doesn’t deserve an award? Her chin won for its work in Season 1, “The Reckoning,” and in Episode 7, “The Ballad of Roger Mac.”

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Twitter: @OutlanderOnline

He says, “I know you think I shot Morton. You think a father can’t get justice for his daughter who’s been dishonored?!” Is he referencing Bonnet? Because diff sitch, you idiot. One was rape, and the other was your daughter fell in love with someone and had consensual sex. Something tells me consent would be lost on Lionel Brown.

Brown being in Claire’s surgery office makes me nervous. I hope he didn’t see anything he wasn’t meant to. Remember it was at the Brown’s house, where Claire’s “Dr. Rawlings” medical advice was floating around.

The Brown’s militia of men say that the Indians must have burned down the house and skinned the scalps. Young Ian quickly points out that Indians aren’t the only ones who skin scalps. The other men with Brown look downright evil. One in particular. Lionel’s brother asks if Roger and Jamie will join their militia. Ugh this is inconvenient. Jamie says he’ll consider it. But Brown says, “I didn’t pause when you asked me.” I see no lies there JAMMF but still say no. “Fighting a war and maintaining law and order are two different things,” Jamie tells him and says he’ll think about it.

Young Ian learns the truth

Jamie and Claire are having a sad mom and dad convo about Bree leaving. Jamie asks her, “Do you really think they’ll go?” Claire says, “Brianna promised Roger.” They hug, and Young Ian says, “Is anyone gonna tell me what’s going on?” Yes, tell him. He should have been told two seasons ago! Ian reveals that the Mohawk ask about Claire. They know she had the rock power. Jamie says, “What did you say to them?” And he says, “The truth. I’ve never seen anyone like my auntie Claire.”

The way Young Ian loves Claire is unmatched. Pure love. This scene wins my heart. But then he’s like, “No seriously, what the f is going on?” He rattles off all the unique, weird facts, about Claire. “She popped up after, 20 years, and Brianna and Roger came out of nowhere. I learned not to ask questions but I have some for you now.”

He pulls out a book from the Mohawk and hands it to Jamie. * Tiny glasses alert. * I wonder if the cast finds it hard not to laugh when those Santa specs come out? This video that Caitriona Balfe posted indicates that perhaps they do.

Claire takes the book and realizes it was written with a ball point pen. Ian asks Claire, “Who or what are you?” Jamie and Claire look at each other and Claire says Ian, “I come from another time. From the future, 200 years from now.” Ian looks shocked but then smiles, “I knew you were a fairy auntie.” She laughs, “I’m not a fairy.” Ian says, “You, Roger and Brianna?! It’s all of you!” Mind blown. And he looks at Jamie, “You knew all this time!” Jamie says not a lot of people would understand so we kept between us. Ian asks, “Did Murtagh know?” And they say, “Yes and now so do you.” New Murtagh, who dis. Young Ian smiles and Jamie closes the door so they can debrief.

Claire & Jamie visit Ulysses

Jamie and Claire pull up to a tiny twig cabin and Ulysses emerges. Claire asks how he is and he says great, except for the boredom. (Is anyone else picturing Ulysses making a “Bored in the House” TikTok video? Nope? Just me. Ok). Claire gives him some food and Jamie gives him a big ass book. Pause quickly: Claire’s wig is aging faster than Claire and also faster than Jamie’s wig. Slow it, show.

Claire asks Ulysses where he will go next. Jamie says you should leave North Carolina maybe go somewhere where slavery isn’t as prevalent? Where’s that Jamie? Mars? Ulysses reveals a document signed by Jocasta that says he’s not a slave. Claire says “You’ve been a free man all this time?” Ulysses replies, “I chose not to leave her.” Aww, he loves Jocasta. As Twitter fan @jessfortunato said, “Jamie’s like, God damn, how many people were in love with Jocasta?”

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Colin McFarlane, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Courtesy of Starz Aimee Spinks

Roger & Bree’s exit plan

Bree tells Roger that because Jemmy can time-travel, it might be proof that he’s his biological son. They agree that the future will be safer. Roger says, “It’s not just the danger, it’s about living a life we were never meant to.” Bree says we have to figure out what we will tell people, we can’t just go poof. This is going to be very upsetting for Claire and Jamie. How many children do they have to lose? Faith, Brianna, enough. Roger says, “Let’s tell people I got a job that doesn’t require shooting or stabbing.” I mean everyone does know he’s very bad at guns. They say they’ll tell everyone they’re going to Boston and decide to leave within the month.

Lord John Grey visits his favorite guy in the world

Jamie is studying stuff in the kitchen with his tiny glasses, and Lizzy comes in and says you have a visitor. Lord John Grey is there. Jamie looks so happy like he didn’t just see him two episodes ago.

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Twitter: @vahnloves “He’s such a grandpa.”

“Is everything alright? Is William okay,” Jamie asks. John says all is good. He updates Jamie that Hellwater is now William’s. LJG can’t hide his love for Jamie ever. And Jamie is the sweetest to his unrequited crush. Jamie asks if LJG and William will return to Virginia and LJG says, “I can’t imagine William never seeing you again. But the mood in American colonies is dark.” Yeah, Jamie, Claire can you please go back to Lallybroch? Your kid is leaving, no need to be in America fighting with the annoying Brown family. LJG gives Jamie a pocket size painting of William. (The William story has never resonated with me). Jamie says he’s such a handsome lad and LJG says, with heart eyes, “The older he gets the more he looks like his father.”

Young Ian begs Claire and Bree

Claire, Brianna and Young Ian are gutting fish by the river. “So you’re really leaving,” he asks Brianna. PSA: * Claire headwrap alert * That’s it. That’s all. Brianna says yes sadly. He says he’s happy for them but he asks can’t they stay and change things? “Auntie you told me you and uncle Jamie tried to stop Stuart,” Ian says. She replies, “We were able to prevent some of the men from dying at Culloden. But we weren’t able to stop the events.”

Ian asks, “Can you stop something smaller between a man and his wife? I want to travel through the stones.” And Claire’s like sorry boo, that won’t work. Yeah, Ian you failed the hot rock test! Bree says, “It’s something you’re born with.” Poor Ian is like please take me with you and you can return here. Man he really does not get time travel! Claire asks, “Does this have something to do with why you left the Mohawk?” But he says, “I can’t go, what difference does it make.” He walks away sadly, but like 4 feet to the river. Gotta work on that storm off, Ian.

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John Bell, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Courtesy of Starz Aimee Spinks

Jamie, Claire and a window — It’s gettin’ hot in here

Claire and Jamie are in their bedroom, and Jamie is reading with his tiny glasses. Claire tells him she’s asked Brianna to draw some portraits of all of them something to remember them by. Ugh, this is going to be sad. Jamie says that he remembered her for 20 years no pictures at all, but it does help. Claire then puts on some perfume. Oh… I see she wants a little sexy time. Twitter fan @senoritav76 has the perfect name for Claire’s perfume, “Je Suis Prest.” She is ready, indeed. But Jamie falls asleep. JAMMF! You blew it!

Cut to the middle of the night, Jamie is asleep on top of the covers with his boots still on! Wow. He was really tired. Why is he always on their bed with his boots on? I mean they are very high boots and historically he has needed Claire’s help taking them off. But germs James, your wife’s a doctor, she don’t want that boot bacteria in her bed! Claire can’t sleep. She’s having a hot flash. She gets out of bed and opens the window. Jamie wakes up, walks to Claire at the window, kisses her and says, “Your skin is salty, have you been crying?”  She replies, “No just sweaty, then says she must smell like a white sow (aka pig).” Guess who disagrees? Jamie.

Then Jamie and Claire make out and they both say what the other smells like. Jamie tells her she smells like onions, garlic, basically what she made them for dinner.  You wouldn’t think it, but wow this a GOOD scene. She decides to return the favor and tell him what he smells like. “Hay, wood, and the faintest whiff of manure.” That’s right, she basically told him he smells like sh*t, but made it hella sexy.

Then Jamie realizes she has perfume on and apologizes. “I feel asleep without touching you. Sorry Sassenach.” They are perfect. She says, “It’s alright, you were tired and he says, “You could raise me from the dead for this.” (Um, she actually did JUST THAT two episodes ago). And then he picks her up and puts her on the window sill, and she says, “What on earth are you doing?” Omg. They’re about to have sex out a window. This scene is similar to the Season 1 episode, “By The Pricking of My Thumbs. Let’s just say Jamie Fraser really knows how to make his wife’s pleasure the focus. Except they’re hanging out a window instead of in a bed. Best hot flash ever, eh? How’s the weather, Claire? Windy with a chance of oral.

I’m very glad she didn’t fall out of the window. That would be a super embarrassing sex accident to have to explain to Brianna. Twitter fan @frasercait approves of this risky location.

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Twitter: @TinyTunney

Jamie attends Claire’s super weird biology class 

The next morning, Claire is looking at something under her microscope and Jamie’s all, “Whatchu doing?” She says she’s checking the new lens Lord John gave her. (That dude just has gifts for everyone, he’s the real Santa Claus). He puts down his coffee and she takes it. One thing that Balfe and Heughan and season 5 in general have done very well is add those little moments of intimacy. Like a couple sharing a cup of coffee. Sometimes with all the dramatic moments, these intimate relationship moments aren’t shown. But this season — there’s been several. Claire says have a look.

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Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, Courtesy of Starz Aimee Spinks

Jamie looks in the microscope and sees sperm! Except he calls it, “Wee things with tails.” Claire is trying hard not to laugh. “Aren’t they marvelous,” she says. And he’s all “Yeah! So many of them!” He thinks they are germs. She can’t stop smiling. Oh wow, JAMMF is looking at his own JAMMF. I can’t wait for her to tell him that’s what’s happening. He says, “I thought germs would have wee teeth!” Now I’m picture if sperm had teeth, ow. “But they have handsome thrashing tails.” Jamie, are you flirting with your own sperm?! LOL yes.

Claire: Those are sperms.

Jamie: What now?

Claire: Male reproductive cells? The thing that makes babies.

She’s waiting for him to realize…

Jamie: You mean seed? Well who’s are they?

Claire (laughing): Um yours, who else’s?!

Jamie: How did you get them?

And she says, “I woke up in custody of them this morning.” Oh okay, gurl. They really have a lot of sex, a very healthy and athletic sex life. Then she drops a sperm fact about how long they can last in the proper habitat and they kiss. Sex talk, but make it science.

Round of applause to Season 5, which has given us some amazing Jamie and Claire moments that will make you turn the color of Jamie’s hair in Season 1. I feel like this scene maybe had more that they didn’t include. I respectfully request the rest of this scene be released.

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Twitter: @kristalshay

Jamie and Brianna

Jamie visits Brianna. Finally! A substantial Brianna and Jamie scene! Twitter fan @kristalshay feels the same. He gives her the portrait of William and says, “It’s your brother,” and then gives her the history of William and tells her that Claire knows all about him. Jamie tells her he didn’t love William’s mother. Brianna says, “He looks like you.” And Jamie looks like a proud dad and says, “And very much like you!” He tells Brianna that Lord John is his father, and that William can never know about Jamie. This is a sweet moment. Jamie says, “I wanted you to know there’s more of your blood in the world than me and your mother.” He asks when will you leave? Brianna says, “A week.” Oof, gut punch.

Jamie says when your mother left with you in her belly, I never thought I’d see you but I knew you were there. I’m a father and now a grandfather. Jamie did not get enough time with his kids. Especially Brianna. 

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And then he says, “Even if I never see any of you again, you have made my life whole.” Tears. It is hard to type this. Man Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton are magical together. We needed more of this the last two years. The show dedicated more time to Jamie and Roger’s relationship than Jamie and Brianna’s which was a miss. Don’t get me wrong, the snake episode, was fantastic and I enjoyed Jamie and Roger’s interaction and the evolution of their relationship. But more time, should have been dedicated to Jamie’s relationship with his daughter.

Roger, Bree, Marsali & Fergus take a sad walk in the woods

Fergus and Marsali learn roger and Bree are leaving and they are not happy. Marsali says, “What are your parents going to do without you? And me, without you, with another bairn coming?!” She looks at Bree. Okay, Claire, you need to talk to Marsali and Fergus about birth control, yesterday! You can even use Jamie’s sperm show and microscope in the lesson!

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Sophie Skelton, Roger Rankin, Lauren Lyle, César Domboy, Courtesy of Starz Aimee Spinks

Aww, Marsali looks heart broken, and says, “You’re like a sister to me.” Honestly, I don’t see why Roger and Bree are leaving their family. Safer shmafer. Isn’t life about being around people you love? We don’t need this heartbreak. And why are they leaving so fast?

Bree then runs into Lizzy, who says Boston will be colder but she’s looking forward to it. Poor Lizzles and Bits. You ain’t coming girl. Bree says we can’t take you, you’ll stay here at the Ridge. Then Lizzy, who historically has just mucked things up with misinformation, made me really feel for her. She begs Bree to take her and says, “You’re the one who saved me.” Oh great, now Lizzy made me cry. Twice in 10 mins. Lizzy says, “I’m meant to be with you always.” Guys there so much ridiculous love in this episode. And tissues. You need tissues.

Poor Lizzy is confused. But Bree says I need you to look after my parents. (Eh not really) Lizzy isn’t the most capable! Lizzy says of course I will if that’s what you wish through tears. So basically Brianna breaks up with Lizzy. It’s not you, it’s me. (It’s you Lizzy, you can’t stone travel, gurl).

Are Brianna and Roger really going to leave the show? Is that why Sam Heughan tweeted Sophie Skelton needs her own TV show?! What is happening?

Lionel Brown is the worst and Claire knows it

Lionel Brown shows up again and says we need an answer. Jamie says, “I have considered but with respect I have to decline.” Oh crap, this isn’t going to go well. He says, “I’ve spent the last year serving the crown it’s time to serve my family.” Swoon Jamie. Brown does not swoon and spits on the ground. Jamie says, “Best of luck bro,” and Lionel says, “My brother won’t be happy.” Who cares, Lionel. Scram.

Then Lionel says his wife is in need of a healer. The wife looks scared and her arm is hurt. Something is NOT RIGHT. As Claire attends to her arm, she asks her how long they have been married and Lionel answers for her, “Almost a year now,” and Claire gives him the shadiest, funniest look, whatta legend.

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Twitter: @OutlanderOnline

Claire tells the wife that her wrist is broken and asks how it happen. Ooooh ooh I KNOW. Probs a case of domestic abuse c/o drunk husband. Lionel Brown beats his wife?! Shockerspaniel.

Wife doesn’t answer. Claire says, “These injuries happen with a fall or if a wrist has been twisted,” and Brown spits, “ Just mend it like you mended me.” Claire tells Marsali to get some supplies, and tells Lionel to ask Jamie for some whiskey so she can make a tonic for the pain. Slime ball leaves.

The wife says, “I don’t know how I’m going to get chores done.” And indicates her husband will get angry with her. Claire says, “A good man wouldn’t hurt you.” She says, “It was my own fault, I wouldn’t lie with him. I don’t mind what he does to me but if he was cruel to a babe.” Oh wow, this guy is legit terrible. I don’t want Claire anywhere near him! And then she says, “Dr. Rawlings says if you don’t lie with him two weeks before your courses you won’t get pregnant.” Claire and Marsali are both like oh shit! What did I TELL YOU just 14 paragraphs above?!

Drunko comes back with a bottle of whisky. This is bad and about to get worse. He puts the whisky down and sees “Dr. Rawlings” stamp! F*CK. He says, “Come on let’s go.” And then says to Claire, “I’m obliged to you. You needn’t bother with your tonic.” Jamie should be present at all times when this human trash is near Claire.

Brianna’s goodbye tour

Roger asks Young Ian to come with them to the stone circle and says Brianna feels if Jamie and Claire do it, Brianna won’t have the courage to leave them. You shouldn’t leave! Ian agrees and Roger gives Ian the land Tryon gave him to thank him for everything. Ian and Lizzy should hook up. I know he’s sad about his wife, and she’s just sad, but together, I feel like they would be adorable. Like Jemmy-level adorable.

Brianna says, “I have a brother,” to Lord John. He smiles. I love the dynamic between these two. These two have accidental amazing chemistry I think.

He says, “You both are like your father in appearance and disposition.” Bree says, “So he has a temper too?” And they chuckle, he says he wishes he could tell William about Brianna. “Perhaps, some day.” LJG then says he’s taking Ulysses to England under the guise of a servant and then he’ll be free. He reveals it was Jamie’s idea. He then says to Brianna, “You are impossible not to like.” Don’t you even try it Outlander, not going to tear up for the third time.

Brianna watches Jamie and Jemmy sitting together on the horse. Okay, third time achieved. I’m crying, leave me alone. We needed more Jamie and Jemmy scenes! And now it’s too late! I need to talk to the manager. (Wait, technically Balfe and Heughan are the managers. I have some Season 6 requests for them). Bree and Roger look at Jamie and Jemmy, and lament they never had grandparents or in Roger’s case, parents. Um, hello! You kind of just proved my point. Why are you leaving?! Ugh! I’m from the future-future and telling you not to leave. Think of me as, Marty McReally Fly.

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Twitter: @OutlanderOnline

The last supper

Oh this show is killing me. Bree then locks eyes with Claire and fourth time. Tears, and they haven’t even started talking. Bree says, “Mama.” And they hug. (Remember hugging?) The kind of hug you only get from your mom.

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Twitter: @OutlanderOnline

Then it’s time for the final Fraser fam dinner. (Marsali and Fergus aren’t there for some reason, probably because they now have 14 kids). Claire brings out a meal which might make you think she’s really bad cook, but she says is “the future’s answer to Journeycake.” Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — WHICH JAMIE EATS WITH A FORK and KNIFE!

Jamie Fraser eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a fork! And it’s hot as fork.

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Twitter: @Motherof3_2312

He does NOT like it! Not a fan. Claire should technically call these Peanut butter and JAMM-F sandwiches! I’ll be here all week. All year. Forever. When is quarantine ending? He compares it to tasting like boots and this family moment is great. And there’s 7 mins left in this episode which means it’s all about to go to sh*t. Btw, JAMMF is pronounced Jamm-iF (Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan declared it so).

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Twitter: @RebeccaKay89

Twitter fan @sassenachpetals, “The fact that nobody corrects him is my favorite thing… Claire and everyone is like, “Jamie – ah, you know what, never mind.”

Jamie says, “To home, to family and great health. Slainte.” And they all cheers and are crying and again this sadness could all be avoided. Twitter fan @IamNotTrisha says, “I love the way that Jamie and Claire look at their daughter. And the way Ian looks at those sandwiches.”

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Sam Heughan, John Bell, Caitriona Balfe, Roger Rankin, Courtesy of Starz

Brianna, Jemmy & Roger leave

The next scene is Ian taking Roger, Brianna and Jemmy them to the stones! WAIT. For real? They didn’t show a goodbye scene with Jamie and Claire? What?!? I feel ROBBED. And the music playing is the same haunting Jamie and Claire theme music that played in earlier seasons, and it’s heartbreaking and gutting.

There are a lot of nature shots. They could have cut this 2-minute nature montage for Claire and Jamie saying goodbye forever to their only child! Bree, Roger and Jemmy arrive at the stones. Jemmy is ridiculously cute. Please leave him behind with Jamie and Claire. Once again, we were robbed of seeing how adorable those two could have been as parents together. This behind-the-scenes video proves it. The mother of the twin boys, @kayleighadair5, who play Jemmy posted it for Sam Heughan’s birthday, which oddly is the day before Jamie Fraser’s birthday.

Wait, are they sure one gem can get all 3 of them through?

Jamie & Claire’s empty nest syndrome

Claire sits alone in Brianna and Roger’s cabin and looks at Brianna’s drawings of them. It’s two weeks later. Jamie says, “I thought I might find you here.” She cries. Jamie says they should be reaching the stone circle now. Ohhh, hence the long nature montage! But still, nature montages, or laundry montages should not replace actual human scenes. Still mad about this one.

“Now it’s just you and me again,” Claire says. “We’re not alone Sassenach,” Jamie responds. They hug. And look at Brianna’s drawings. Claire says, “She’s so talented.” Jamie says, “Maybe in the future she can finally be an engineer.” Fifth time.

The family stone

The family that stones together stays together? They tie themselves together with a rope. Roger says, “Ready?” They thank Ian. Brianna says, “Take care of my parents. I love you.” And Ian says, “I love you too, cousin.” Crap sixth time. This episode. I don’t know what happened, but I spent most of this season being irritated by Roger, and now, Twitter user @clairress says it best.

Brianna holds out 3 gems. Oh phew. They each hold one, and touch the rock and are GONE. Ian runs up to the rock and tries to touch it. Nothing. Wow. Brianna and Roger and Jemmy are gone. GONE.

Oh wait. They’re back! They wake up in a pile of leaves! I did not think we’d see them again this season! But where are they?! Jemmy pops up and runs off. That guy looks like the stone ride did not affect him at all! Bree and Roger on the other hand look um, super stoned.

Lazy loaded image
Twitter: @vahnloves

Roger says, “What the devil?!” And he and Bree look off screen in shock. Now let’s not forget, those were different stones. Claire, Bree and Roger traveled through the stones in Scotland. These are the stones Roger discovered in America in Season 4. It seems their time machine may have broken down. I am wondering if they end up in the future, but in Scotland? What if they’re at Lallybroch in the future! I would be fine with that.

The Dr. is out

Fergus, Jamie and one of the Beardsley twins are doing a bit of yard work on the Ridge. All of a sudden they hear an explosion in the distance. Oh man, this has got to be Brown related. Another fire? They run. Claire runs out and asks Jamie, “What was that?!” And he says, “The still!” She quickly replies, “I’m coming with you!” And he says, “Noo you have patients to attend to, we will see to it.” Omg, Jamie!! Have you learned nothing in 5 years?! (25 in Outlander years) — DO NOT LEAVE CLAIRE. But they do.

Claire and Marsali are helping a guy with dislocated shoulder and she snaps his shoulder back into place. Now you will remember this is how Claire and Jamie met for the very first time. She snapped his shoulder back into its joint and it was love at first painful dislocated shoulder. He loved her from that second on, and there was no going back.

Lazy loaded image
Twitter: @TinyTunney Gif by: TMS

This is a bad omen. Marsali loves this shoulder stuff and says, “It’s like the opposite of what you do when you joint a hog!” “Ummm sort of,” Claire replies. And again we are reminded that Claire and Marsali’s dynamic is actually one of the best in the show and we need it in every episode. It’s like medicine for the soul. Lauren Lyle and Caitriona Balfe’s chemistry is maternal one second and hilarious the next.

And then it happens! We hear glass breaking. Claire whips around the corner to see. Someone flies in and slaps Claire hard, and three men grab her. It’s the Brown’s men from the opening scene. Including that one I said had an evil vibe to him! Marsali tells young Germain to get under the bed and hide. This is very, very stressful! The patient tries to save Claire but he is stabbed. Claire struggles, Marsali grabs a knife and runs to try and help Claire but they knock her out cold. They legit knocked out a pregnant woman. Monsters. They throw a bag over Claire’s head and violently drag her out, as she screams, “Jamie!” Omg.

I HATE THIS. I do not need this stress. Claire must be protected at all costs.

They obviously think she’s a witch and she’s now been kidnapped by an abusive misogynist. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen. We knew this would be bad in the episode when Fergus accidentally grabbed Dr. Rawlings’ notes and then made 1 million copies. I don’t want to blame Fergus. But Imma blame Fergus.

Jamie Fraser declares war

Jamie and Fergus return and find Germain standing alone. Fergus says, “Petit garçon, why are you out here?” Germain says, “Mama won’t wake up.” “Where’s your granny?” Jamie asks. Germain whispers, “The bad man took Grandmama.”

Jamie flies inside and screams, “Claire!” Fergus runs to Marsali who is still breathing. Jamie screams Claire’s name outside. And birds fly from a tree in a hella ominous shot.

Jamie then runs with a torch and lights the Fiery Cross. Oh gosh. And then the episode ends. Omg. Did Jamie Fraser just declare war? Yes. He. Did. Jamie didn’t light the Fiery Cross for any battle. But touch his wife. Game over. He declaired war alright.

Seven times. You will cry no less than 7 times. Lionel Brown should have been killed when he first disrespected Claire. Jamie and Claire’s weakness is not only each other, but how much they care for others. Bonnet. Brown. Babies. Beardsleys. Battles. Bunnies. Bees. Bastards.

Let me just say the way those men were hitting Claire when they kidnapped her, this is going to be terrible. And something tells me Jamie will murder everyone. He’s gonna burn those Browns to the ground.

Holy. Sh*t.

Next episode: Spoilers — Jamie is the voiceover for this episode. Not Claire. And we only see Claire twice. One being pulled to a river by two men. And the other she looks broken and beaten. Something tells me this finale is going to be traumatic. Jamie says “I have lived through war, and lost much. I know what’s worth a fight. Honor and courage are matters of the bone. And what a man will kill for, he’ll sometimes die for, too.” And we see Claire beaten, curling into a fetal position. Caitriona Balfe’s performance will no doubt be the one to watch, as the 3 seconds she’s shown in this preview are unnervingly powerful.

There is only one more episode of Outlander left. For a long, long time. Hold me. Starz, please order an extra long season 6, we all deserve it. And when are you announcing Season 7? Because WE NEED THAT KIND OF GREAT NEWS in these times.

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