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Candace Cameron Bure & Lookalike Daughter Natasha Have Us Seeing Double in This Funny Friends TikTok

Full House star Candace Cameron Bure has taken up the celebrity-mom-in-quarantine hobby of choice: learning how to TikTok with the cool kids! Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, and more stars have all enlisted their teens in helping them conquer the new dance-crazed app taking over the internet, and Cameron Bure’s latest addition proves she can shine on any platform. Candace and her 21-year-old daughter Natasha Bure got together for a Friends-themed TikTok challenge, and the only thing more shocking than Natasha’s spot-on Phoebe Buffay impression was just how similar she looks to her mom. Candace may be 44 years old, but she looks like her daughter’s twin in this goofy video.

The challenge that Candace and Natasha posted to TikTok involved lip-synching along to a Friends episode, complete with laugh track. Natasha played Phoebe, while Candace took on Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green. While we already know Candace is a star, we were seriously impressed with Natasha’s acting. Looks like perfect skin, long blond hair, and making us laugh run in the family.

Candace shares Natasha and sons Maksim and Lev with husband Valeri Bure. Currently, the family is quarantined together and doing what they do best: using their talents to make the rest of us smile. And who knows? If just a few more celeb mother-daughter pairs make cute TikToks, we might have to try the app ourselves. Look out, world: the moms are taking over TikTok.

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