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Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Steal Her Show In The Most Adorable Way

If Kelly Clarkson wants to retire soon, she has someone in her family waiting in the wings to take her seat — River Rose! At only five years old, Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock’s daughter has proved she has the entertainment gene in a new video posted on The Kelly Clarkson Show Instagram account.

The video was posted on Monday with the adorable girl dressed in a pink-and-white fleece jacket, brown cargo pants and her duck boots. She described the scenery around her with a little creativity on “The River Rose Show.”

“Hi, everybody. I am at a ranch and I’m having a beautiful view at an ocean,” she says as she’s sitting in front of a river.

She then directs her mom to show the ocean… er, the river. Off-camera, Kelly jumps in to correct her, “It’s a river, babe.” River quickly states it’s a river and then moves on quickly to the heart of her speech and her sweet sentiments will make you absolutely melt.

“And I’m enjoying the stuff and I’m sorry… um… there is a sickness going around and I wish I could meet you guys! Bye!” she smiles and then blows a kiss to her adoring fans.

What makes this video even more charming is the fact that River Rose lost her two front teeth — she’s too adorable. River Rose certainly knows her audience, giving us content we love like the video posted last week where she wished her mom a happy birthday.

We are keeping our eyes on River Rose since she has her own pretend show, she’s ready to direct camera angles and she has theme music. The girl is going places!

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