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Hugh Jackman’s Baking Project Is Truly Hideous, But He Swears It’s ‘Yummy’

We’ve all had to come up with ways to entertain ourselves in recent weeks, and one of Hugh Jackman’s preferred quarantine pastimes is apparently baking. His latest foodie endeavor? Low-carb bread! But while Jackman can basically do no wrong in basically every other aspect, we’ve gotta say — we sure hope his quarantine bread tastes better than it looks. As it stands, even Jackman’s beloved wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, sounds unconvinced that it is “amazing” as her husband swears it is. 

Jackman took to Instagram on Monday morning to share the questionable results of his culinary hobby. “Looks can be deceiving,” he captioned a short video showing off a motley loaf. “Okay, I fully understand that this doesn’t look…” Jackman begins his defense of the bread in the video clip, with Furness dubiously chiming in “amazing.” Undeterred, Jackman continued, “But this tastes amazing. I just made this. It’s low-carb bread. Flax meal and oat bran and a few other things in it, and it is yummy.” 

For added effect, the Greatest Showman star gave the misshapen loaf a few squeezes, saying, “It is warm, and it’s about to be in my stomach.” Since he didn’t go so far as to share his recipe, we’re all going to have to take Jackman’s word that his low-carb quarantine bread is, in fact, “yummy.”

Hey, it already got one particularly meaningful vote of confidence — the video was “liked” by none other than Jackman’s public frenemy No. 1 Ryan Reynolds. 

Maybe this is part of their brand-new “truce.” During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week, Jackman revealed that he and Reynolds were putting aside their hilarious ongoing feud for a good cause. The two planned to hit pause on their rivalry for 24 hours as part of the All In Challenge to raise money to provide food and supplies to frontline workers, the elderly and children in need during the coronavirus pandemic. 

But judging by Reynolds appreciation for Jackman’s baking post (sans any snarky commentary), we’re thinking these two might be on the path to a more civil social media relationship. “I am preparing for this to be a permanent truce, but let me be clear, the truce is not friendship,” Jackman told Corden. 

Who knows, though? Before all is said and done, perhaps they’ll literally break bread together. It’ll be Jackman’s unsightly bread, but still. Progress. 

Before you go, learn more about Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. 

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