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Ok, I’ll Bite: Why Would Khloé Kardashian Want Another Baby with Tristan Thompson’s Sperm?

Over the past few weeks, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been teasing us with little looks at Khloé Kardashian’s family planning. First, we learned that Khloé was freezing her eggs and talking about the possibility of 2-year-old daughter True having a sibling. Then, we learned that Khloé’s been talking with True’s dad (and her own highly complicated ex) Tristan Thompson about the possibility of using his sperm for that sibling. Now, every family is created differently, and I firmly believe that it’s every woman’s choice exactly how she’d like to procreate. Still — when it comes to Khloé and Thompson having another baby together, I can’t help but wonder: Khloé, girl, what are you thinking?!

After everything that Thompson has put Khloé through, I simply can’t understand why she would welcome him to have further involvement in her life, or why she would want to grow a family with a man she’s confident (right?) she would never date again. Since their daughter True was born, she and Thompson have weathered not one, but two cheating scandals, both of which showed not just selfishness and disloyalty from Thompson, but a real disregard for Khloé’s mental and emotional well-being.

The first time Thompson was caught with other women was while Khloé was preparing to give birth to True, and within days of when his daughter came into the world — not exactly the ideal state for a new mom. And nearly a year later, he was caught cheating again — this time, with close Kardashian friend Jordyn Woods, shattering the family’s sense of trust in those close to them.

It’s possible that Thompson has proven himself to be more responsible in the past year as a father to True, and we know that Khloé has (wisely, selflessly) been adamant about him playing a big role in True’s life. While they broke up after the Woods encounter, he’s been invited to birthday parties and kept in close contact with his daughter, and Khloé appears to have a totally civil co-parenting relationship with him now.

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We applaud their co-parenting strategy. But being able to raise a kid together isn’t the same as wanting to, and I still can’t figure out why Khloé would consider Thompson’s sperm as anything but a last resort. Even a random sperm donor, to my mind, would be better — at least there’s a better chance it wouldn’t belong to someone who’s cheated on and humiliated the hopeful mom of two.

Thompson will always be in Khloé’s life to some extent because of True, and it’s good that they’re able to get along for her sake. But family isn’t just about matching up your kids’ DNA. And now that Khloé has the option to do this on her own terms, I hope those terms don’t include the sperm of the worst ex-boyfriend she’s ever had.

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