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Chrissy Teigen Has Gained ‘Double Digit’ Weight in Quarantine & Has No Regrets

Lockdown looks different for different people. Maybe you’re at your family’s house, or in a tiny cramped apartment, or maybe you’re a celebrity with a giant mansion. But all of us do share in one dilemma — we are now spending more time than ever with our butts firmly planted on the couch, and we’re damn proud of it. Another affliction (most) quarantiners share? A sudden desire to become the world’s greatest chef. The combination of these two things, Chrissy Teigen has now learned, may lead to just a bit of weight gain (or, in her case, “double digit” weight gain).

Teigen shared the update on her quarantined state in her Cravings newsletter, and made a few important things very, very clear. First, she doesn’t give a sh*t (aesthetically speaking) about the weight. Second, the only reason she’s going to do anything to change her habits is because of how she feels. Third, honey roasted nuts are the bomb.

“I have hit the double digit mark on quarantine weight gain so that’s fun!!” Teigen wrote to her fans. “I don’t mind it, but definitely starting to feel a little sloth-like in the energy department, so maybe expect some…lighter…cravings coming soon. Aside from that, it’s been a week filled with shaking trees on Animal Crossing, and realizing you can eat honey roasted nuts not on an airplane. My new vice. This is not an ad. I just really f*cking love honey roasted nuts. Exciting stuff this week, I know! I’M TRYING HERE!!!”

Classic Chrissy (and, um, we’ll eagerly await more recipes beyond the ones she shares on her website and in her cookbooks, Cravings and Cravings: Hungry for More). But masked in her typical self-deprecating humor, the note gets a lot of stuff right. With all the nonsense on Instagram trying to scare you about the “Quarantine 15,” Teigen rises above the noise that tells us more weight is bad and less weight is good. As the mom of two says, the only thing that’s “bad” is feeling bad — and that’s the only thing she’ll be trying to remedy here.

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