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Kate Middleton Says Prince George & Princess Charlotte Take After Their Dad in the Looks Department

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated 2-year-old Prince Louis’ second birthday today, along with his siblings, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte and 6-year-old Prince George. For his birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a series of photos of the adorable young Louis (covered in paint, no less), and many fans couldn’t help but notice the boy’s striking resemblance to mom Kate. Apparently, the fact that Kate has a lookalike son in Louis hasn’t been lost on her — and in fact, she’s often thought that George and Charlotte don’t look anything like her.

A source close to Kate spoke to People about her resemblance to her youngest: “Everyone always comments on how Louis is the spitting image of Kate,” they revealed. “She loves it and thinks it’s very sweet.”

It doesn’t take long looking at the gingham-clad young Prince to see his mom’s features coming out — and while we’d never considered it much, there’s some truth to the fact that he takes more immediately after her than George or Charlotte.

“She often jokes that he’s the only one of her kids who actually looks like her,” the source added. Many have pointed out that Charlotte and George take strongly after William’s side of the family, drawing comparisons to a young Queen Elizabeth II or young Prince Charles.

The family is currently at their country home Anmer Hall, where they appear to have set up a rainbow painting activity for the day to mark the occasion. Whether or not George and Charlotte grow up to be the spitting image of Kate, they’ll certainly inherit her creativity, warmth, and charm. And isn’t that what really matters?

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