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Kourtney Kardashian Spills Her Secrets for FaceTime Sex During Quarantine

By this point in the coronavirus quarantine, you’re feeling cooped up, right? You’re listless. You’re bored. And, if you’re anything like Kourtney Kardashian, you’re “insanely horny.” So, what’s a girl in lockdown to do? Well, lucky for you, Kardashian is sharing her five best tips for FaceTime sex so that you can get your digital swerve on. And c’mon. Social distancing with a side of climax sounds like a pretty solid way to pass the time during self-isolation if you ask us.

Single mom Kardashian obviously gets it, thus explaining why she took to her lifestyle blog Poosh to discuss what we like to refer to as “sexual distancing.” An article posted on the site admits that the coronavirus quarantine has added yet another layer of complexity to dating in the digital age. But, you know, you’ve got needs. What if that comfortable ex comes a’calling? Or you hit it off with someone on Bumble? Kardashian says you shouldn’t feel bad about leaning into FaceTime sex.

“First and foremost, it’s not for everyone — only participate if you feel completely comfortable and trust the person,” the article advises before emphasizing, “We’re all going stir crazy and insanely horny. If you’ve never had FaceTime sex pre-quarantine but are on a dry streak and looking for some steamy action, now could be the time to explore.”

To that end, Kardashian’s Poosh offers five pointers: set the mood, wear your favorite lingerie set, loosen up, use toys and lube, and get vocal. Most of these are relatively straightforward, but there are a few novel ideas (or, at the very least, useful reminders) in the mix.

In setting the mood, Kardashian underscores that “lighting is everything.” She recommends a dim lamp, candle or even a “ring light to enhance the digital night.” She also encourages readers to “be smart about it” if they have any concerns that their FaceTime sex partner might screenshot the virtual nookie and share it somewhere.

So, there you have it. Follow a few simple pointers and you could be “on your way to the big O,” as Poosh puts it. Just consider Kardashian your sexual distancing spirit guide.

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