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Queen Elizabeth II Got a Very Special Birthday Present From Great-Grandson Archie

Her royal majesty turns 94 today, and her family has been sending her love from all around, saddened that they can’t be with her on this special day. Queen Elizabeth II has always had an especially close relationship to grandson (ex-)Prince Harry, who’s currently all the way in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle and their almost-1-year-old son, baby Archie. But of course, the Sussex couple didn’t let the day pass without checking in on the Queen. For her birthday, Queen Elizabeth II got the best 94th birthday gift we can ask for in these quarantined times: a videochat with great-grandson baby Archie.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight reports that Harry, Meghan, and Archie all got camera-ready for a video call with the Queen in Windsor Castle, where she’s staying with husband Prince Philip. While Meghan and Harry were still attending royal engagements in the UK in early March, Archie has been in North America since at least December, and the Queen hasn’t seen him since he left.

It’s been a busy week for Meghan and Harry, who recently wrote a letter to The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, and The Daily Express announcing they would no longer engagement with those publications, on the basis that they have knowingly printed false information about the couple in the past. The Sussexes’ complicated relationship with the media was a big factor (maybe the biggest) in their decision to leave the royal family, and this recent letter suggests they’re ready to double down on the stance they took.

We applaud Harry and Meghan for taking a stand against their unfair treatment, but we also know it can’t have been easy on Harry to be so far from his family right as this unprecedented crisis set in. Like the rest of us, they’re relying on Zoom calls to stay connected — because Megxit or no, nothing’s getting between the Queen and her sweet baby great-grandson.

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