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Please Enjoy Eva Mendes’ Daughter’s ‘Pretty Accurate’ Portrait of Her Mom

If the idea of seeing one more homeschooling schedule or freshly baked loaf of banana bread makes you want to scream, we’re with you — and so is Eva Mendes. The Hitch star earned the distinction of quintessential quarantine mom with a recent post sharing her young daughter’s portrait of her and a few words of wisdom on how she’s been spending her time. Spoiler: She’s way over the idea that we’re supposed to be hyper-productive during this crisis, and she’s definitely, definitely not going to feel bad about it. Mendes is focusing her energy on being as fun a mom as she can be, and these goofy portraits are the perfect place to start.

Mendes shares two young daughters with husband Ryan Gosling, 5-year-old Esmeralda and 3-year-old Amada. The actress is notoriously private about her kids on social media, and didn’t specify which daughter drew the rather excellent portrait, featuring Mendes with blue hair, one arm raised, and some lovely eyelashes.

“This is me. By my kid. It’s pretty accurate,” Mendes wrote — and then really let loose on what this fun, no-rules portrait represents. “No I haven’t become a master baker or a good cook during quarantine. I haven’t seen a gym in two months. I haven’t written a novella.I’ve just been trying to be a fun mom and not lose my marbles. ❤ sending so much love out there.”

Let’s all be honest: trying to be a fun mom and not losing your marbles, at this particular time, are both daunting tasks all on their own. And for many of us, that’s not the full extent of our responsibilities by a mile. Wherever you can, take the pressure off, let your kids be kids, and remind yourself that you’re doing an amazing job just by showing up and caring.

Instagram shouldn’t be a place that makes us feel more stressed out right now. Posts like Mendes’ remind us that the platform can be a force of good, and we hope other celebs take note.

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